Drift0r Explains Why the Medic Specialist is Highly Underrated in CoD: Black Ops 4

Albert Petrosyan

The hype train for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is in full force, which means that content creators are publishing numerous videos in anticipation of the game’s October 12th release.

One such content creator is Brad ‘Drift0r’ Overbey, who is a popular CoD YouTuber known for his analytical guides and tip videos.

Drift0r was one of the numerous community members to receive an invitation to the Black Ops 4 Community Reveal Event on May 17th, where he got exclusive access to early Mulitplayer gameplay.

In a recent video, he shows gameplay with the medic called ‘Crash,’ and explains why he feels the new specialist is being highly underrated in the early going.

In the video, Drift0r lists three of Crash’s main abilities that appeal to him the most, the first of which are the ‘Golden Mags.’

“Number one is that his optional equipment is a scorestreak boost bag which the developers call ‘Golden Mags.’ They give you about 75 to 100 extra points per kill for that particular magazine. […] It also gives you points when your teammates pick them up, and gives you points when teammates get kills with them, boosting their scorestreaks and yours.”

The second thing that the YouTuber loves most about the medic is his healing gun.

“The real beefy thing about the medic is his healing gun. […] This heals all teammates to their maximum 150 health and over heals them by 50 hit points as well if there’s a teammate that already has the 200 with their armor, you can over heal that up to 250, which is pretty bananas. […] This ability can heal through walls and at infinite range.”

The third thing that Drift0r loves about Crash has nothing to do with its in-game abilities or weapons.

“The third thing is that he kind of looks like an ’80s action hero, so sign me up.”

The entirety of Drift0r’s video can be viewed below, or on his official YouTube channel.

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