Dr Disrespect explains why Blackout was a “better game” than Warzone

Dr Disrepect Warzone and BlackoutActivision / Dr Disrespect

Popular Youtuber Dr Disrespect has given his thoughts on Call of Duty Blackout, explaining why it’s a much better game than Warzone. 

Dr Disrespect is certainly very familiar with the competitive world of Warzone, but the streamer hasn’t always been the title’s biggest fan. After calling out the game’s solo mode as the “worst solo BR”, the two-time champ has finally weighed in on which CoD BR title he prefers. 

Blackout was originally released back in 2018 and was a direct replacement for Black Ops 4’s campaign. While the mode received a large amount of praise, the majority of the fanbase left the shooter for good when Warzone was introduced. Since then, Blackout’s playerbase has dwindled. 

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While Warzone may feature a lot of content when it comes to maps, updates, customization, and overall quality of life changes – Dr Disrespect believes the newer title is lacking in a lot of areas that made Blackout so much fun.

Dr Disrespect missed Call of Duty Blackout.

 “Blackout was a fun game. There was a lot of diversity in the gameplay, I don’t know, the long-range combat and everything. It was just so much more fun,” says Dr Disrespect. “I just think that overall Blackout is a better game.” 

Despite not being the biggest fan of Warzone, Dr Disrespect does like the new armor system, Gulag, and overall mechanics of the latest CoD BR. “The system’s design of Warzone is obviously better than Blackout,” says the popular streamer. 

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However, he believes the free-to-play title wouldn’t be as big if it didn’t have crossplay – a feature that was lacking from Blackout. “Obviously, crossplay keeps this game alive. I feel like if crossplay didn’t exist, then I’m not so sure how Warzone would be doing.”

No matter your thoughts on either title, there’s certainly no denying how influential Blackout was to Warzone’s overall success.

While Blackout may not be as popular as it once was, there are obviously still a number of fans who would love to see similar gameplay mechanics return in the future. 

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