Down bad Warzone streamer 1v1s Tinder match with a date on the line

Michael Gwilliam. Last updated: May 02, 2022
Lucky Chamu makes crazy tinder COD bet
YouTube/Lucky Chamu

Sometimes to get a little one-on-one, you need to win a one-on-one. That’s exactly what happened with Warzone streamer LuckyChamu after he matched with a girl on Tinder and wanted to score a date.

Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps in the world with millions of users swiping right on potential matches every single day. As it turns out, being able to transition those matches into real-time dates can all be decided by your skill in Call of Duty.

Twitch streamer LuckyChamu found himself in quite the wild situation with a Tinder match during his virtual date, with the two making a serious Call of Duty: Modern Warfare bet.

“What do you want if you win?” Lucky asked his match.

Tinder match
How good is your Tinder game?

“I want free money. I want free merch!” she exclaimed.

For LuckyChamu, his motivation was clear: win the one-on-one so she’d pay when they go out for dinner. Little did he know, however, that his Tinder date possessed some mad skills.

Even after Lucky managed to go up 1-0 in the best of three, his match bounced back and really made him work for it in the next round, where she won 30-29.

With the series tied, the two raised the stakes a bit, opting to make the final game Kali Sticks and throwing knives only, with the date having to give LuckyChamu her Snapchat if he managed to win.

In the end, the date was able to secure the win, but it wasn’t a total loss for Lucky by any stretch.

“How about when I come get the merch from you, I still take you out for dinner?” she proposed.

Sadly, it’s unclear when exactly that date has been scheduled for, but the fact that Lucky secured the dinner without even winning in C0D goes to show that winning people over is what really matters.