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Disabled CoD player shows how he clutches up with just three fingers

Published: 21/Jul/2021 16:59

by Jacob Hale


A disabled Call of Duty player has shown off his insane abilities with just three fingers, making clutch plays in Warzone and Black Ops Cold War’s League Play.

It’s fair to say that accessibility has come a long way in gaming over the years, but it’s always impressive to see just how much someone less-abled pulls off insane plays that many of us could only dream of.

In the past, we’ve even seen CoD players putting in incredible work using their feet on the controller, while Luminosity Gaming signed popular disabled streamer RockyNoHands after his streams and clips went viral.


It’s truly incredible and really shows that anyone can do it.

C58 AR Call of Duty
This streamer hasn’t let his disability get the better of him.

Always switching it up between Warzone and Cold War, Twitch streamer Spear3FW is constantly showing off his prowess on the map, never letting his disability get the better of his ability on the sticks.

This is exemplified personally in this tight clutch in a 1v3 on Raid Search & Destroy, as Spear3FW perfectly plays his life, jukes his opponents and takes gunfights at exactly the right time to get the round win.

As shown by the stats appearing on the side of his stream, this clearly isn’t a fluke for Spear, boasting a 2.59 Warzone KD and proving he’s no slouch.


Explaining how he plays in a Reddit comment, Spear has clearly found a method that works for him, using just the default Xbox controller.

He said: “I have 1 thumb (controlling Left analog, Right analog, ABXY) and on my other hand I have two fingers which deal with RT, RB and LB, I raise my left leg to ADS!”

So, it doesn’t sound easy at all, but Spear definitely makes it look easy as he finesses his opponents.