Denial Esports drop over-the-top hint about new Call of Duty roster

It’s no secret that Denial Esports are looking to make a return to competitive Call of Duty, and they’re trying every trick in the book to increase the hype around a potential roster announcement.

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The Denial organization’s return in late 2018 was met with skepticism by fans of various different esports titles, but the new owners were quick to ingratiate themselves by paying off the player debts that the old owners had failed to settle.

Since then, the official Denial Twitter account has been dropping hint after hint about picking up teams in a number of different games, including CS:GO and CoD, but nothing official has been announced.

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However, the organization took teasing to a whole new level late on January 6 when they dropped the most obvious, and over-the-top, teaser about their new Black Ops 4 roster so far.

“We have been hinting at our new CoD roster. We hope all our followers/fans are excited/angry,” they said. “We also hope that everyone understands that we are trying to understand the SPACE and make sure we cause HAVOK for years to come.”

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The competitive CoD community has been discussing potential Denial rosters ever since the organization returned. The team that most fans have singled out as the most likely to join has been Michael ‘SpaceLy’ Schmale’s team that played under the Str8 Rippin banner at CWL Las Vegas in December.

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The team finished in an impressive 7th – 8th place at the first major tournament of the Black Ops 4 season, outplacing some of the biggest names in the scene, but they have struggled to find a permanent home.

SpaceLy and co. might have finally found a home.

The fact that Denial’s Twitter post capitalizes the words ‘SPACE’ (for SpaceLy) and ‘HAVOK’ (for Colt ‘Havok’ McLendon) makes it clear that they want to feed into the speculation about them picking the team up. Of course, the blatant hint might be their attempt at throwing fans off the scent of their real roster.

With the CWL Pro League Play-In qualification tournament set to begin on January 16, Denial are likely to make their official announcement very soon. SpaceLy and company have shown they are capable of advancing through the Play-In and securing their spot in the LAN league, making them a solid prospect for any organization.

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If Denial Esports and SpaceLy’s team link up, the roster will consist of:

  • SpaceLy
  • Havok
  • Maux
  • MajorManiak
  • Nagafen