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Denial Esports shuts down as co-owner goes on insane rant – “Go f*ck yourself”

Published: 31/May/2019 18:10 Updated: 1/Jun/2019 7:37

by Albert Petrosyan


North American esports organization Denial Esports will be closing down their operations, according to co-owner Zachary Smith, who went on a maniacal tirade to make the announcement. 

On May 31, Smith went on a massive rant on Twitter, posting a series of harsh and eye-opening tweets about Denial, including the fact that they would be “closing.”


In his thread of tweets, Smith expressed his anger and frustration at how things had gone so south at Denial, and at the people who had apparently turned his back on him.

“I’m not sad that Denial is closing,” he tweeted. “I’m actually happy to see it fold. It showed me the true colors of a lot of people I called friends.” 


“I learned a valuable lesson. Esports is like the first lunar landing. It was blown up in the public’s eyes, cost copious amounts of money, and brought minimal physical return. Thank you to everyone, and as always, go f*ck yourself.”


Denial currently own a spot in the CWL Pro League, which will be terminated effectively. After nine weeks of the regular season, Denial currently have a 5-10 record and sit next-to-last in Division B, with little to no hope of qualifying directly for the Playoffs.


As a result of the organization disbanding, their entire roster now remains without any entity to represent, and Rhys ‘Rated’ Price has already begun looking for any potential suitors willing to pick them up. 


  • Joseph ‘Joee’ Pinnington
  • Rhys ‘Rated’ Price
  • Ben ‘Bance’ Bance
  • Alex ‘Alexx’ Carpenter
  • Carson ‘Brack’ Newberry
  • Ryan ‘ZeeK’ Lapierre (sub)
  • Mikhail ‘Blfire’ Glushenok (manager)

The news of Denial’s dissolution has not come as a major surprise to many in esports, considering that the org reportedly owed over $130,000 in unpaid salaries and fees.


On May 13, Call of Duty pro player Nathan ‘Natshay’ Dupuis accused the org of not paying player salaries, which was followed by Overtime eSport claiming that they were never paid for their spot in the CWL Pro League, and both were harshly addressed by Smith in his thread of angry tweets. 

“From paying people’s rent to making sure their players got to events,” he said.” They so conveniently forgot the moment some French kid that dropped out of high school had an opinion on the situation.”


“Overtime claiming that we stole their spot. Overtime, when selling us their spot, conveniently forgot to tell us they didn’t own two players on the roster – committing international trade fraud.”


“We started off trying to do something great with a tainted name and a lot ahead of us,” Smith tweeted. “As we started fixing past mistakes, we started creating new ones. We trusted the wrong people and paid for it more than once.”

Prior to this rant, Smith had already stepped down from daily operations with the team, and was faced with more accusations that the goodwill payments he had made to former players had been charged back, which he claims was due to his bank flagging potentially suspicious transactions. 

Skillshot MediaDenial co-owner Zach Smith stepped down from daily operations after they were accused of not paying salaries and fees.

History repeats itself for Denial Esports

This is, of course, not the first time that Denial have stepped away from esports because of internal and financial issues.

The organization went through a major down period from 2016-2018, especially in terms of competing in CoD esports, largely due to unpaid salaries and fees, consistent stonewalling by upper-management, and legal action taken against them. 

However, the organization returned with a bang in early-2019, with former CEO Robby Rignalda publicly apologizing for his “mismanagement,” and claiming that the new CEO Smith had “righted his wrongs” and “was turning the Denial brand in what it once was.”

When news of Denial’s second demise broke, Rignalda also posted some comments of his own about the difficult situation.

As always, we will continue to bring you updates on this developing story as more information becomes available. 

Call of Duty

Weird Warzone glitch forces players into hearing never-ending rock music

Published: 13/Oct/2020 12:35

by James Busby


Warzone players have been rocking out to the game’s new vehicle music as they drive through the frozen fields of Verdansk. However, for some, these catchy tunes never end.

There’s no denying that Warzone Season 6 has had its fair share of problems. Aside from the train station teething problems and return of the ‘demon gun’ texture glitch, there have been some new additions to the seemingly ever-growing bugfix list.


So far, Activision has had to fix an overpowered bug that allowed the AS VAL to shoot through unlimited walls, a game-breaking unlimited Stim glitch, and now Modern Warfare fans are reporting a rock and roll related problem. 

While Warzone’s new music tracks certainly liven up your drive time commutes across Verdansk, they can also pose a risk to your game-winning plays. This is particularly true when the music in question doesn’t actually stop. The continuous blare of heavy rock certainly gets us pumped in games like DOOM, but it really doesn’t help in FPS titles like Warzone where you need to hear enemy footsteps. 


What is the Warzone music glitch? 

The addition of playable vehicle music certainly isn’t a new feature in Warzone – in fact, players have been able to equip certain CoD related tracks since Season 5. However, music fans can now listen to their favorite tracks from the likes of DMX, Skrillex, Jack Harlow, and iconic themes from across the Call of Duty series. 

Unfortunately, these tunes have caused a rather interesting and mildly infuriating glitch. The bug seems to happen when you or any of your squadmates have any of the game’s War Tracks equipped and enter a vehicle. While this bug may not be that bad when listening to the game’s quieter tracks, things can get incredibly frustrating when the heavy metal Juggernaut theme plays on a loop.

You may be tempted to blow up your vehicle or drive it off the nearest cliff edge, but even this won’t stop the never-ending audio. Some players have reported that they still hear vehicle music, even when they have the audio option turned off in the game’s settings. “The rock music won’t stop, even after getting out of the vehicle. To top it off, my teammate and I had already turned the audio off before the game,” says one frustrated player


“After it just wouldn’t stop and we couldn’t hear A THING, we even destroyed the vehicle in hopes it would quiet down. Ultimately, we just disconnected when we couldn’t take it anymore.” Some Warzone players have even reported that they managed to get to the final ring with the same heavy rock track blaring down their earphones. 

How to fix the Warzone vehicle music glitch

Modern Warfare Juggernaut
Activision / Infinity Ward
It seems the Juggernaut War Track is the most common offender.

Fortunately, some crafty players have discovered that you can fix this pesky audio issue by selecting the Black Ops music pack from the War Tracks menu. Meanwhile, if you encounter the problem mid-game, simply enter another vehicle in the hopes that it fixes the never-ending audio loop. 

There have even been reports that constantly getting in and out of the offending vehicle will eventually fix the issue. Of course, your experience may vary and some of these fixes may not work. Warzone Season 6 certainly seems to be off to a rocky start and it looks like we’ll just have to wait until Activision officially fixes this audio issue in a future patch. 


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