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David Vonderhaar appears to confirm Black Ops Cold War ranked play

Published: 9/Oct/2020 14:04

by Jacob Hale


Treyarch studio design director David Vonderhaar has dropped a major hint about ranked play in the upcoming Black Ops Cold War, and it could be great news for competitive players.

Throughout the Modern Warfare season, one of the main gripes for players was the non-existence of ranked play, where players could compete against equal opponents to try and grind their way to the top rankings and have the chance to prove their mettle against top opponents.

Instead, Infinity Ward introduced the CDL playlist, which featured a CDL ruleset and maps but without the ELO or MMR tiers commonly associated with ranked systems.

Without some kind of level, emblem or something else to grind for, a lot of players felt like the CDL playlist didn’t provide the competitive edge they were looking for, but the story could be completely different when Black Ops Cold War drops.

Black Ops Cold War gunfight beta
Black Ops Cold War is due to release November 13.

The game is currently in beta testing, but fans are already looking forward to the full game dropping and getting involved, and one of the main questions competitive players have asked about is ranked play — with Vonderhaar providing a very promising answer.

After the question was posed to him, Vahn didn’t give a straight answer, but the hint was enough to get fans excited.

“Let me give you this,” he started, after explaining that it won’t be in the beta. “Do you know a Black Ops game without a hardcore competitive agenda? Can you think of one? I can not. There’s your answer, without telling you anything.”

There is some accuracy to Vonderhaar’s statement, too. While Black Ops 1 lacked a ranked system when it released back in 2010, each game since has had an iteration of competitive play in some way, be it League Play in Black Ops 2 and 4, or Arena in Black Ops 3, all of which were used to serve the esports community.

It will be interesting to see what ranked play looks like in Black Ops Cold War, assuming there will be one, as a feature of Call of Duty titles that players are always asking for more from. Needless to say, competitive players should be a little more excited now than they were before.

Call of Duty

Warzone cheaters brag about using wall-hacks while streaming on Twitch

Published: 18/Jan/2021 0:08 Updated: 18/Jan/2021 0:21

by Brad Norton


A group of Warzone cheaters were caught out ‘aimbotting’ and using wall-hacks while streaming live on Twitch, and the players were gloating the entire time, seemingly not bothered by a potential Activision ban.

Cheating has been one of the most controversial issues in Warzone since the free to play title released in March 2020. Despite constant public backlash, anti-cheat still hasn’t come into effect.

As a result, cheaters and hackers can essentially run wild.

This is exactly what ‘hiddenintcloud’ and his group of cheating friends did. For roughly three hours, they tore through Verdansk while live on Twitch. Viewers could clearly see their hacks in action and the players simply laughed it all off.

“None of us are worried about getting banned right now,” one of them said while dropping into a fresh lobby. “As soon as I get shadowbanned I’ll be on a different account. It won’t take me long.”

They were using multiple cheats all at once. First up was the wall-hack that allowed them to see all sorts of information across the entire battlefield. From outlines of enemy players to labels for loot on the ground, they could see everything.

On top of that, they also had a powerful aimbot doing the heavy lifting for them. Their scopes would instantly lock on to the heads of enemy players. In the blink of an eye, entire squads could be wiped out by their impossible accuracy.

To make matters worse, they had no intention of changing their playstyle anytime soon. Hacks were just a laugh to them due to the lack of any real consequence. If their current account was banned, they would take two minutes on-stream to hop over to a different account. 

Thankfully, Activision Support latched onto our Dexerto Intel tweet showcasing the cheaters. Moments after Activision was made aware of the stream, these players had multiple accounts banned.

Despite this action, hackers have been able to change accounts without punishment for a number of months now. Given that Warzone is free to play, there’s no paywall to combat hackers in any meaningful way. 

In fact, Facebook streamer Boricua Rage recently explained how he lost 80 Warzone accounts in an earlier banwave. Though even still, he has “a buddy who hooks up” fresh accounts to this day.

Twitch streamer swapping Warzone accountsThe cheaters took a few minutes to swap Warzone accounts while live on Twitch.

As Call of Duty League players and Warzone veterans caught wind of the channel, viewership gradually began to rise. Over 350 people were watching them blatantly cheat at one point without any consequence from either Activision or Twitch.

There are no signs of this type of cheating going away anytime soon.

Activision rarely acknowledged hackers outside of the odd banwave. Until Warzone comes with a more sophisticated anti-cheat system that can detect these hacks in an instant, players won’t be deterred.