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CoDBurner leaks more intel on ACHES, Skrapz and Red Reserve

Published: 27/Mar/2019 10:14 Updated: 27/Mar/2019 10:44

by Calum Patterson


The infamous ‘CoDBurner‘ has resurfaced on Reddit, and is back spreading information and rumors about the professional level of Call of Duty, with more ‘leaked’ details on Team Envy and Red Reserve.

Envy and Red Reserve faced off in the CWL Pro League on March 26, in a nail-biting five game series, which Envy stole away with a win in the final Search & Destroy.

But, according to the CoDBurner, Envy is not completely satisfied with their lineup, and is apparently eyeing up a replacement for team captain Patrick ‘ACHES‘ Price.

ScufEnvy apparently still looking to make a change, claims CoDBurner.

It was first claimed that ACHES was on the chopping block by the CoDBurner back on March 20, claiming that Envy wanted to “replace him with a player more capable of playing with the Maddox RFB assault rifle.”

Now, it appears they have picked out such a player – Red Reserve’s own Matthew ‘Skrapz‘ Marshall.

However, it’s not straight forward, as Skrapz’ price should Envy want him, according to the CoDBurner, is in the region of $300,000. Skrapz is apparently also unsure of the move.

This information aligns with a tweet posted by Rhys ‘Rated’ Price, who made it clear that Skrapz’ purchase price was hefty – perhaps too hefty for Envy.

But, immediately after the rumors were shared to Twitter, Skrapz shut down this speculation, and clarified that it wasn’t even $200,000.

Bance’s situation with Red Reserve

Call of Duty / TwitchBance’s future is still uncertain.

Additionally, the CoDBurner claims that Red Reserve are still planning on dropping Ben ‘Bance‘ Bance. Despite announcing free agency immediately following CWL Fort Worth, Bance has retained his spot on the starting lineup for the ongoing cross-divisional play in the CWL Pro League.

CoDBurner explains that this is because the team’s substitute, Conrad ‘Shockz’ Rymarek, had to return to Australia. In response to the CoDBurner’s claims however, Shockz simply stated “false”.

Apparently “half of the team” wanted Bance dropped, while the other wanted him to stay, but ultimately, he is set to be dropped and replaced by Alex ‘Alexx’ Carpenter – according to the CoDBurner.

Call of Duty

Aydan smashes Warzone Solos vs Squads world record with insane run

Published: 20/Nov/2020 13:10

by Connor Bennett


Former Fortnite star Aydan ‘Aydan’ Conrad has managed to break the world record for Warzone kills playing as a solo while in a squads match, racking up a pretty impressive total to say the least.

With the popularity of Warzone through the roof, it has attracted players from plenty of different genres to test their skills and show that they’ve got what it takes to be amongst the best of the best. 

The standout stars, typically, have a Call of Duty or battle royale-based background as players like Aydan – who was once ranked amongst the top Fortnite professionals in the globe – have converted over. 

With such a melting pot of talent dropping into Verdansk, winning streaks are being stretched out, money is being won, and records are being smashed – including those who try to test themselves in a 1v4 scenario.

YouTube: Fortnite
Epic Games
The former Fortnite star has become one of Verdansk’ best players.

Previously, the Solo vs Squads record had stood at 57 kills, which is an incredibly impressive number to say the least, but Aydan went one step further.

During his November 19 stream, the former Ghost Gaming star found himself on a heater, racking up kill after kill in Warzone. He quickly leveled the record of57 kills and found himself in a tricky 1v3 against a team with a Juggernaut.

However, he called upon his incredible battle royale talents to rip through his opponents, solidifying not only the record, but the Warzone victory in one fell swoop. And, it’s safe to say that Aydan was pretty happy with himself too. 


Aydan quickly took to Twitter to show his followers who hadn’t been watching the stream what he’d done, and quickly impressed people like Scump, Swagg, KingRichard, and Ali-A. 


With Aydan setting the bar so high, it’s unlikely that anyone will be able to knock him off his perch anytime soon, but, you just never know when it comes to Warzone. 

If anyone does manage to surpass Aydan, you’ll be able to find all the details in our Warzone World Records hub, which can be found here.