CompLexity and eUnited Battle Five Map Series with Big Clutches and Chairs are Punched at CWL Pro League

Calum Patterson

One of the highlight matches of the CWL Pro League Stage Two so far was undoubtedly the feisty contest between compLexity and eUnited, as the maps went back and forth before coming to an intense finish.

The two teams came in with similar records, with compLexity sitting at 2-3 series count and eUnited 2-2, but eUnited were likely favorites given their win over Rise Nation.

But eUnited did have a shaky start to week two of Division B with a game five loss to UNILAD, while compLexity had been comfortably beaten 3-0 by OpTic Gaming.

In fact, with the exception of their 3-1 win over Mindfreak, all of eUnited’s matches so far have gone to a deciding game five.

And the same was to be true in this match, as neither team could gain momentum, trading the maps between each other.

The first map required two 40+ kill games from both James “Clayster” Eubanks and Tyler “FeLo” Johnson to prevent a spirited coL performance, but compLexity were the better team in the first SnD, winning 6-2.

A more comfortable 7-2 CTF win for eUnited was answered back again on the second hardpoint, with coL winning 250-139. Game five, almost predicably, went to round eleven, were CompLexity narrowly came out on top.

And after such a narrow defeat – once again in game five – eUnited’s Preston “Prestinni” Sanderson struggled to keep his anger under control – lashing out at the defenseless main stage chair.

It goes to show just how narrow the margin of victory can be at this level, and eUnited will know better than anyone how each map and series win is crucial, after they only just managed to secure their spot at Stage One playoffs.

The win is huge for compLexity, who were in danger of slipping down the rankings, but will be spurred on by this victory.

eUnited (vs Tainted Minds) and compLexity (vs Luminosity) will play their last matches of Division B before the break for CWL Anaheim on Thursday June 7th.

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