CoD Zombies players left furious as update completely ruins camo progress

Jaret Kappelman
CoD Zombies players left furious as update completely ruins camo progress

Call of Duty Zombies players have been enjoying Cold War. With tons of content and modes to play this has been one of the most action-packed games. While some players have been grinding to unlock camos they are furious to see a bug that is resetting all of their hard work.

Cold War Zombies introduced some new systems that have never been seen before in the game. Perks and Field Upgrades were brought in as players could create load-outs before loading into a map.

While each of these has five tiers to upgrade, it takes quite some time to grind out all the crystals needed to unlock these upgrades.

On top of unlocking these, players can also get cool-new camos that are specific to the Zombies mode and can be used in Warzone, but players are furious as a glitch is wiping away all of this progress.

CoD Zombies Camos
CoD Zombies players are losing their minds as a glitch is resetting all their camo progress.

Zombies update is resetting player’s camo progress 

Part of Cold War Zombies is doing challenges to unlock cool camos like Pink Diamond and Dark Aether. While it can take a while to grind these out the reward is pretty satisfying.

However, players are now furious as the latest update has reset the progress that players have earned and they no longer have access to these camos. This Reddit clip posted by ‘noeltorious’ shows this happening to them.

Despite having Dark Aether unlocked, you can see that this player now has it locked and can no longer equip it to any weapons.

While it may not have fully reset the progress this player has made, others have had this glitch occur to them and were not as lucky.

“This has happened to me before, may have been around Season 1. I logged in to find all of my camos were gone and my perks, field upgrades, and weapon classes were all reset back to tier 1. I reported it to Activision but, obviously, they did nothing about it,” said one player.

While this is clearly something that is frustrating players it is unknown what is causing it. As one Redditor said, players should pray every time they open their game just to be safe.