CoD Zombies YouTuber breaks insane record after 18 months

Jaret Kappelman
CoD Zombies YouTuber breaks insane record after 18 months

A Zombies record that was never thought to be possible has been completed by YouTuber CodeNamePizza. The first-ever zero-kill main quest easter egg has been completed and it only took the streamer 18 months to do it.

Zombies content creator ‘CodeNamePizza’ set off on an 18-month long journey to do the impossible, complete a main Black Ops 3 easter egg with no kills.

While this may seem crazy to most, he is known for his “Myth Busting Mondays” series where he takes requests from his fans and tests them out to see if they can happen or not.

With inspiration drawn from other challenges he wanted to end his series for Black Ops 3 with a bang, and what better way than to complete a whole quest line with a psychotic twist. Here’s how he did it.

Zombies first-ever zero-kill easter egg

In one of his latest videos, CodeNamePizza was attempting something that had never been done before. The first thing he needed to figure out was which map you could do the main quest without needing to kill zombies.

This left him with just one map, Zetsubou No Shima. While this map didn’t require any kills it still needed a lot of planning, 18 months of it.

One step in the easter egg requires you to do three challenges that are randomly assigned at the start of a game. With more than half of them needing you to kill zombies he was forced to reset until he got the ones that didn’t require kills.

That wasn’t the hardest part, he realized he would need two seeds, which can only drop from a zombie. After testing out traps, nukes, and multiple gobble gums he couldn’t get one. However, after a three-month break, he tried one last gobble gum, I’m Feelin’ Lucky.

This gum gives you a random drop from the map so he was hopeful it could drop a seed. After nearly three hours of playing, he was about to give up but finally, a seed dropped from the gum.

The gobble gum, I’m Feelin’ Lucky spawns in a random drop on the map.

Now that he had the strategy set, it came down to a ton of RNG. He needed to get the perfect challenges, two seeds from the gobble gum, and needed to kill no zombies.

It took over 2,000 resets and 18 months but Pizza finally completed the easter egg with “0” in the kills column. If you want to watch his full gameplay from this insane world record he’s posted it on his other channel.

While this sounds absolutely crazy, it sets the bar for other players that may want to attempt this challenge or find other maps that this is possible on.