CoD Zombies hacker banned after beating Terra Maledicta Easter Egg in “10 minutes”

Terra Zombies Easter eggActivision

Vanguard Zombies newest map Terra Maledicta hasn’t even been released, but a hacker has already beaten the Easter Egg, gotten banned and did it all in the span of 10 minuets.

Vanguard Season 2 is coming out on February 14 and with it comes a new Zombies map. This is bringing the long awaited main quest Easter Egg that players have been dying for.

However, it might not have been worth the wait as it has already been solved by a hacker who managed to give themselves early access.

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Zombies hacker banned for beating Terra Maledicta Easter egg

The person that managed to solve the new Easter egg goes by the name of ‘Real1tyUK’ on Twitter. On February 10, they were showing off a bunch of unreleased Vanguard content live on their Twitch channel, which included a playthrough of the new Zombies map.

Treyarch announced that there would be an Easter egg on Terra Maldicta and everyone was extremely hyped. However, they hype was slowly killed when they realized how easy it was.

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If you missed Real1tyUK’s stream, Zombies content creator CodeNamePizza filled everyone in on what happened. Real1ty was able to take finish the main quest as it only consisted of three steps and no boss fight. To top it all off, it only took them 10 minutes to complete it.

This had Pizza and other members in the community mindblown as this long awaited quest is apparently super easy. Fellow Zombies creator MrRoflWaffles was begging for this to be fake.

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In a Tweet he said, “Is this a joke? Say sike right now,” but sadly, it was all true. Unless Treyarch adds something in a couple of days, this will likely go down as one of the biggest busts in Zombies history.

On the flip side of things, while Real1tyUK ended all hopes the Zombies community had, they also got banned on their Twitch and Twitter accounts. This was likely via a DMCA strike from Activision. So it looks like this Zombies fan took two L’s at the same time.

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