Everything in Vanguard Zombies Season 2: Wonder weapons, new map, full patch notes

call of duty vanguard zombiesSledgehammer Games

The next chapter in Vanguard Zombies just arrived with the Season 2 update marking the return of the Ray Gun, the introduction of a new Terra Maledicta map, as well as an easter egg inspired by Black Ops 2’s “Origins.”

Along with the Vanguard and Warzone Season 2 content drops, Zombies players also got tons of new gameplay aspects to explore in the latest patch.

Sledgehammer Games intend to give CoD players a classic Zombies experience in the Vanguard Season 2 update. Veteran players will feel right at home with everything from the Ray Gun returning to map quests being revamped for Vanguard Zombies’ sixth objective.

zombies cod vanguard season 2Sledgehammer Games
Zombies just received a new experience in Vanguard Season 2.

Zombies Terra Maledicta map hub

CoD players just received a completely new Zombies experience with the Terra Maledicta launch. The Egyptian backdrop serves as the setting for three new Arenas including Corrupted Lands, Eastern Desert, and the Hall of Truth.

This all culminates with a battle against Zaballa the Deceiver as players explore all the mysteries of the new story quest.

Vanguard Zombies reintroduces the Ray Gun

Classic elements from Zombies past have returned in Vanguard Zombies Season 2 with the Ray Gun as one of the new additions.

Along with the Ray Gun, players can also find the Decimator Shield as the other new Wonder Weapon that lies on Terra Maledicta.

zombies cod vanguard season 2Sledgehammer Games
Terra Maledicta has plenty for CoD Zombies fans to shoot and explore.

Zombies Terra Maledicta easter egg

Zombies fans will tear up the new map for the easter eggs that Treyarch have hidden across the Egyptian grounds.

CoD players have been itching for a classic Zombies experience for a while, and having a few secrets across Maledicta will go a long way to satisfying the Zombies faithful.

There’s plenty more packed into the Zombies Vanguard Season 2 update, so check out the full Zombie patch notes below, courtesy of Sledgehammer.

Full Vanguard Season 2 Zombies patch notes


  • “Terra Maledicta”
    • New Zombies experience located in Egypt available on Feb. 14th.
  • Arenas
    • Three new Arenas available in “Terra Maledicta”: Eastern Desert, Corrupted Lands, and Hall of Truth.

Story Quest

  • New Story Quest available in “Terra Maledicta” starting at 9AM PT / 12PM ET on Feb. 14th.

New Intel

  • New narrative intel available in “Terra Maledicta” to advance the Dark Aether story.

Wonder Weapons

  • Ray Gun
    • Ray Gun Wonder Weapon available via the Mystery Box and loot drops on Feb. 10th.
  • Decimator Shield
    • Available via the Story Quest in “Terra Maledicta.”
    • Added to the Mystery Box once it has been obtained from the Story Quest.
    • Offers players superior protection and the unique Decimation Blast ability.

New Ally

  • Vercanna the Last
    • New Dark Aether entity available, featuring the Healing Aura ability via her Artifact, the Wand of the Wilds.


  • Zaballa the Deceiver
    • New enemy type added to “Terra Maledicta” and “Der Anfang.”


  • Sacrifice
    • New Objective type available in “Terra Maledicta,” and added to “Der Anfang” at a later date.
    • Keep the Syphoncores from feeding on undead essence to stop the hordes from being unleashed. Prevent zombies from filling all three Syphoncores to stop the dark ceremony and complete the Objective.
  • Void
    • Modified the way the Objective complete XP bonus is awarded when returning to Stalingrad after a Void Objective in “Der Anfang.”
  • Harvest
    • Closed exploits related to the Sin Eater in “Der Anfang.”


  • Healing Aura
    • New upgradable ability available via Vercanna the Last’s Artifact.
    • Tiers:
      • Tier I – The Wand of the Wilds summons Vercanna’s Life Energy to instantly heal yourself and allies to full health.
      • Tier II – Knockdown normal enemies and stun Sturmkriegers near each player.
      • Tier III – Revive all downed allies.
      • Tier IV – Revived allies have their lost Perks returned.
      • Tier V – The Life Energy persists at each location for 10 seconds and continues to heal and revive players.
  • Energy Mine
    • Energy Mine now triggers the Splatterfest Covenant.
  • Frost Blast
    • Frost Blast Tier I now freezes Sturmkriegers.
  • Aether Shroud
    • Addressed an issue where players weren’t being ignored by zombies after activating Aether Shroud immediately following a Self-Revive.


  • Artifact Ward
    • New ability with three rarities added to the Altar of Covenants on Feb. 10th.
    • Equip for a chance to trigger your Artifact for free when hit by a melee attack from the rear.
    • Rarities:
      • Rare: Being hit by a melee attack on the back has a chance to trigger your Artifact
      • Epic: Being hit by a melee attack on the back has a higher chance to trigger your Artifact.
      • Legendary: Being hit by a melee attack anywhere has a higher chance to trigger your Artifact.


  • Season Two
    • KG M40 and Whitley available in Zombies loadouts once unlocked via the Season Two Battle Pass.
  • Unlock Challenges
    • New Weapon Unlock Challenges added to Zombies for the Cooper Carbine and Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle.
  • Support
    • The Warmachine and Deathmachine can now be obtained from the Mystery Box, chests, and as loot drops from enemies.
    • Addressed an issue where critical damage was not being correctly displayed for the Warmachine.
  • General
    • Addressed various issues with attempting to swap out a melee weapon for a weapon from the ground.

Pack-a-Punch Camos

  • New Camos
    • Three new camos available at the Pack-a-Punch machine in “Terra Maledicta.”
  • General
    • Pack-a-Punch Camos in “Der Anfang” are now animated.
    • Pack-a-Punch Camos now properly apply to Weapon Blueprints, weapons found in the Mystery Box, and weapons dropped by enemies.


  • Season Challenges
    • New Season Challenges available at the start of Season Two.
    • Addressed an issue where the Season One Mastery Calling Card was not displayed correctly.
  • General
    • Addressed an issue where Launchers and the Combat Shield were not correctly contributing to certain Challenges.
    • Addressed various UI issues related to Challenges.


  • Fixed various stability issues related to Covenants, Objectives, Perks, Power-Ups, and Equipment

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