CoD Vanguard Beta playlist update: Blitz Team Deathmatch, Hotel Royal removed

Jaret Kappelman
CoD Vanguard Beta playlist update: Blitz Team Deathmatch, Hotel Royal removed

The Call of Duty: Vanguard Beta is live for PlayStation users and players are jumping right into the swing of things. With the beta testing out many things prior to release, the devs have sent a new update bringing Blitz TDM, removing Hotel Royal as they investigate spawns, and more.

PlayStation players have had first access to the Vanguard Beta. While the game has limited modes, weapons, and maps, Sledgehammer Games is updating their offerings to keep it fresh.

Part of the beta is testing out what works and what doesn’t work for the game. While things are going well, they want to iron out some rough spots and update the playlist.

Vanguard Beta update

CoD Vanguard gameplay
The CoD Vanguard Beta received an update on September 11, introducing a new playlist.

The new playlist update added Blitz Team Deathmatch as its own playlists. Blitz features two teams of 24 players fighting it out on a single map. This is part of the new combat pacing system that lets you pick different ways to compete in.

The playlist update also removed TDM and Kill Confirmed from Tactical Combat pacing in Quick Play.

The devs also removed Hotel Royal from Patrol. It got rotated out due to the rise in complaints about the map’s spawns. Players expressed their concerns about the spawns, since it led to many unpredictable moments in-game.

CoD Vanguard spawn system
Hotel Royal has been removed from the Vanguard Beta as the devs work to fix the spawns.

Sledgehammer Games intends on figuring out a better way to spawn players on that map. On top of that, they also made it clear that they are listening to the feedback of players as the Vanguard beta moves forward.

They are aware of issues regarding player visibility and audio. There will be an update, later on, this week about a fix for these problems.

For any other news regarding the beta or the game, make sure to check out our Vanguard page for all the latest updates.

CoD Vanguard Beta Playlist Sept 11 update & fixes

  • Removed Team Deathmatch and Kill Confirmed with Tactical Combat Pacing from Quick Play
  • Removed Hotel Royal from Patrol while we investigate spawns
  • Increased the frequency of Blitz and Assault matches in Quick Play for higher intensity gameplay
  • Heavy plus sign Added Blitz Team Deathmatch as a Featured Playlist
  • We’re aware there is a significant amount of discussion around player visibility and audio mixing. Stay tuned as we will address some of our planned updates later this week.