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CoD pro player Dedo reaches target for mom’s funeral following $5,000 donation

Published: 19/Dec/2018 21:44 Updated: 19/Dec/2018 21:45

by Albert Petrosyan


Although the competitive Call of Duty scenes has its share of ups and downs, what makes it truly special are moments when many come together to support a single player or cause.

When CoD pro player Kenneth ‘Dedo’ Dedo announced that his mother, Rosanne Dedo, had passed away on December 15, many tweeted out their condolences and paid their respects.

While their thoughts and prayers were very much appreciated, the financial burden of the funeral costs were too great, and thus Dedo and his family decided to start a GoFundMe page on December 18 to raise money for the expenses.

This is when the CoD community rallied and showed their true colors and strength in unity, raising enough to blow past the $8,000 donation goal in just a single day.


Upon reaching the goal, Dedo posted a video of him and his father expressing their deepest gratitude to everyone who donated money or even just raised awareness for their family’s difficult time. 

“To all you gamers out there, thank you so much, for someone you don’t even really know, to contribute is amazing and your generosity will never be forgotten,” his father said. “It sucks, it really does right now, but you guys came through and we can’t thank you enough.”

A large chunk of the amount raised was donated by MLG co-founder Sundance DiGiovanni, known better on Twitter as ‘MLGSundance,’ who contributed $5,000.


“We are all in this together. Wishing you the best in this difficult time,” he wrote in his donation message. 

His massive donation earned respect and praise from many in the online gaming community, such as his friend and fellow MLG higher-up Adam Apicella.

“I’m so proud to have been able to call him a mentor and friend,” he tweeted. “This is the kind of person he is. He cares about this community, the players, and the teams. Just got choked up.”

The GoFundMe page for Rosanne Dedo’s funeral costs is still active and anyone who would like to donate can do so by clicking this link.