CoD players claim Cold War is “the worst thing” to happen to Warzone

Joe Craven

Some Call of Duty players have grown frustrated with Warzone’s merger with Black Ops Cold War, which they think has “ruined” the acclaimed battle royale.

Since Warzone’s release back in March of 2020, over 75 million players have dropped into Verdansk and/or Rebirth Island. Activision have seen its first year grow to be an undeniable success, but the merger with Treyarch’s Black Ops Cold War was an unprecedented step for the FPS series. 

Despite the long-term collaboration between dev studios, it was the first time that an Infinity Ward developed game mode expanded to include Treyarch weapons, streaks and more. 

While some have enjoyed seeing Warzone’s content refreshed, others have grown frustrated with the merger, as the bugs it has brought and the new meta are less than ideal.

Warzone gameplay
Rebirth Island, like BOCW’s weapons, dropped in Warzone on December 16.

In the weeks since Warzone Season One launched and incorporated Black Ops Cold War’s weapons, the DMR 14 has risen to the top and become the undisputed primary weapon in the game. Certain bugs have also become prominent, as has a brand new Gulag in the image of the original Nuketown. 

One, Redditor u/AFreaq, vented their issues in a lengthy post, hitting out at what they have construed as a decline in the game’s quality. 

The Cold War integration is the worst thing to ever happen to Warzone,” it says, before flying into criticism. “From the new “Gulag” that is just a copy of Nuketown, because it looks like that is the only thing they can get right with Black Ops, to broken weapons and bugs that 100% will ruin your match, these changes completely killed our enjoyment for the game.”

The post also criticized the game’s color scheme and the return of “sweaty” players. It finishes: “After a few days struggling to enjoy one match, I felt the need to vent my frustration of being forced out of a game that kept us entertained during the sh*tshow that was 2020.”

Others players agreed, with one stating: “Ruined one of the best BRs out there. All they had to do was make a season 7 for MW/Warzone and let CW be a standalone.” Another echoed: “CW has 2 completely busted weapons and like 5 top tier while MW is all roughly balanced. Just separate the 2 and we’re good.”

While general opinion is often hard to gauge, over 500 people have upvoted the Redditor’s strong comments, suggesting that there is considerably empathy for their issues. 

The road to a complete merger was bound to be uneven, but some clearly feel the bumps are more similar to cliff-edges. 

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