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CoD Mobile test server reveals The Gulag could be added soon

Published: 22/May/2020 13:17 Updated: 2/Oct/2020 10:46

by Connor Bennett


Call of Duty: Warzone’s Gulag might soon be making its way to CoD Mobile in season seven, after players noticed it pop up on the test server.

Since Warzone released back in March, the Gulag mode has become a phenomenon. Unlike usual battle royales where, if you die, you’re out, the Gulag gives players a second chance to respawn. 

Though, the intense 1v1 mode also allows players to get bragging rights as well as the momentum of respawning for free. With Call of Duty Mobile taking some of the best weapons, maps, and features from the most popular CoD titles, it looks as if the Gulag could be following in the footsteps of Rust, Crash, and Standoff.


The Gulag has become a phenomenon since the launch of Warzone.

On May 20, the season seven update for CoD Mobile hit the test servers so that the developers could get some kinks ironed out before it goes live to the wider game.

As players were downloading the new update, many noted that Gulag had appeared alongside the season map, Saloon, in the download list. Seeing how popular the map has become thanks to the Warzone, the excitement for its addition to CoD Mobile was immediately kicked into overdrive.

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Gulag’s appearance on the download list sent hype into overdrive.

Now, for anyone who players CoD Mobile and hasn’t played the test server update, this doesn’t mean that the Gulag will be coming to the Isolated battle royale map.


Instead, it looks like the Gulag will be joining the map rotation for the previously announced 1v1 mode. Though, if there is a way to work it into the battle royale mode, the developers will probably consider it. 

Regardless of whether or not the Gulag joins the battle royale mode, CoD Mobile’s seventh season is lining up to take things to the next level anyway.

The battle royale map is expanding, new maps are joining the mix, and players will finally be able to grab the HBR for free.