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CoD Mobile devs reveal new Radioactive Agent Season 7 skins

Published: 6/Jun/2020 13:39 Updated: 6/Jun/2020 13:42

by Connor Bennett


Call of Duty: Mobile developers Garena have revealed two of the new ‘Radioactive Agent’ skins coming in season seven – with the trailer for the battle royale map changes also surfacing online. 

CoD Mobile has taken some of the most popular maps, weapons, and modes from Call of Duty history and given fans an all-new platform to play on. Though, the mobile game isn’t solely a nostalgia trip for fans who are on the go.

The free-to-play game has plenty of its own features, a unique battle royale map, and different seasons with a battle pass. As the sixth season is drawing to a close, the hype for Season 7 has begun to build – with Activision revealing the name ‘Radioactive Agent’.


There are plenty of changes coming to CoD: Mobile.

With that new season excitement growing, Garena – who publish the game in Southeast Asia – has revealed two new skins that will be available with the start of season seven.

These two new skins are variants for Krueger and Ghost, with the former getting a new skin called Alchemist at tier 12, while Ghost’s Hazmat skin will be available at tier one. As you might expect, these skins live up to the Radiactiove Agent season name as they are both wearing gas masks over their faces.

On top of that, a new video showing off all the changes coming to the isolated battle royale map was also revealed – giving fans a better look at the new locations.


This map extension, which comes to the northern part of things, had been shown off in a sneak peek video but this new, nearly two-minute-long trailer points out some more details about the new locations.

While Garena’s battle royale trailer urges players to log in and try out season seven, Activision hasn’t yet confirmed when Radioactive Agent will finally launch.

The new season was set to drop in early June but it has been delayed until an unknown date. Though, the developers have revealed a new multiplayer map called Tunisia.