CoD Mobile Season 1 Reawakening patch notes: New weapons, perks, Lunar New Year theme, more

COD Mobile Season 1 2023 cover artActivision

CoD Mobile is winding back the clock to start the new year off with a fresh Season 1 restart, as is tradition. Opening the year with a bang, here’s everything in the Season 1: Reawakening update.

No different from previous years, CoD Mobile just refreshed its seasonal rollout in 2023. Rather than continuing on into a twelfth season, we instead find ourselves back in Season 1 yet again as the cycle begins anew with Reawakening.

Following up on the final season of the 2022 era, a fresh start is now upon us as Season 1 2023 is in focus. And as you would expect, the update is jam-packed with a wide range of content that fans have come to enjoy.

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From new maps and equipment to limited time events, here’s everything toknow about the Season 1 Reawakening update in CoD Mobile.


CoD Mobile Season 1 Reawakening: Release Date

CoD Mobile Season 1: Reawakening went live on Wednesday, January 18, as first announced through the reveal trailer.

No different from usual, new content was made available right away once this patch came into effect at 4PM PT that day.

Lunar New Year theme in CoD Mobile Season 1: Reawakening

The official theme for CoD Mobile’s first season of 2023 is once again the Lunar New Year. Keeping in line with Activision’s other titles like Overwatch 2, a Lunar New Year celebration is taking over CoD Mobile once again to kick things off in Reawakening.

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Based on the very first teaser trailer for Season 1, we saw players fighting in a festive version of Nuketown, known last year as Nuketown Temple. So we knew to expect that limited-time mode back for the first season of the year.

Joining the Year of the Rabbit Temply Nuketown variant comes two other LTMs. This year fans can enjoy Big Head Blizzard, a mode that quite literally transforms characters into ‘bobbleheads,’ and Super Attack of the Undead, a familiar playlist for veteran players.

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New weapons & equipment arriving in Season 1 2023

First up in the Season 1 content drop is none other than the Dingo LMG, a powerful, futuristic weapon first seen in Black Ops 3. This gun boasts a hefty amount of damage with sharp aim, but comes at a tradeoff with poor mobility.

CoD Mobile Dingo LMGYouTube: AnonymousYT
The Dingo LMG from Black Ops 3 first appeared on CoD Mobile’s test server build.

Next up, players can also get their hands on the Stim Shot from Modern Warfare, a piece of equipment that drastically increases health regen and movement speed for a short duration.

The new LMG is available at Tier 21 in the Battle Pass while the Stim Shot unlocks at Tier 14.

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CoD Mobile Stim ShotYouTube: AnonymousYT
The popular Stim Shot has been spotted in CoD Mobile’s test build.

CoD Mobile Season 1 2023: Reawakening patch notes

Rank Match Pool Update


  • Hijacked: added to the permanent pool
  • New map: Crossroads Strike

Team Deathmatch

  • Removed map: Miami Strike
  • Newly added map: Crossroads Strike

Search & Destroy

  • Map pool is stable so far, so no map will be removed or added.


  • Removed map: Miami Strike, Meltdown
  • Newly added map: Apocalypse, Crossroads Strike


  • Removed map: Miami Strike
  • Newly added map: Crossroads Strike, Terminal

Daily First Win bonus adjusted:

Increased Rank XP earned from Daily First Win in all ranks.

New Tactical

Stim Shot

  • Increases health regen and movement speed for a short duration.

Map Optimization

Practice Range

  • Optimized light rendering and reflection effect in Practice Range.


  • Added Ziplines in Crossroads to optimize the experience of traveling between different points.

Mode Optimization

Rules of personal score in Domination optimized

Personal score obtained when reaching 1/3 of the occupation process.

Discretion of assist will be more precise.

Ground War gaming performance optimized:

Optimized the performance consumption of Ground War’s vehicles, etc.


Teammate’s Marker added to the mini map

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Teammates will be marked with numbers on the minimap, a more convenient way for soldiers’ tactic communication.

Weapon Rotation

Weapon Rotation of Battle Royale in this season

Assault Rifle:

M16, AK-47, M4, ICR-1, Peacekeeper MK2, AS VAL, M13, Kilo 141, Oden, Krig 6, EM2

Sniper Rifle:

XPR-50, DL Q33, SVD, ZRG 20mm


RPD, Hades, Dingo


RUS-79U, GKS, QQ9, Fennec, MX9, P90, PPsh-41, MAC-10, Switchblade X9


BY15, HS0405, KRM-262, JAK-12


Kilo Bolt-Action, SP-R 208

New Weapon

New LMG – Dingo

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The LMG uses an advanced feed mechanism and special ammo, with weak penetration but higher firing rate and mobility.

New Attachment

Maevwat Omega-1 for DL Q33

Loaded with a customized warhead from Maevwat, Omega-1 will deal sonic concussion to targets.

Performance Optimization

Moving performance optimization: Weapons now sway with the player’s pace.

Weapon performance optimization: AK117, Arctic .50, BY15, CBR4, MAC-10, Oden, RUS-79U, CR-56 AMAX, FHJ-18, Hades

Weapon SFX Optimization: Rytec AMR, P90, MAC-10, KN-44, RPD



Poor performance on ADS bullet spread of DR-H served a serious drag on its strength. Besides, its firing range is not enough for the majority of combat ranges. It’s time for adjustment.

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Range: Increased

ADS bullet dispersion: Significantly reduced


The fire rate of KN-44 is lower than other weapons that are deadly in 4 shots. Low accuracy of attachments for high mobility is difficult to support mid-range combat. With the lack of benefits from headshots, we need to make a specific buff on it.

Damage (MP): Increased

Damage (BR): Increased

Chest damage multiplier: Increased

ADS bullet dispersion: Reduced


As an assault rifle with mid-to-low fire rate, its damage in medium range doesn’t make it stand out. So, it’s time to buff it.

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Damage (MP): Increased

Damage (BR): Increased


M13 performs well with the advantage brought by the high fire rate, but it’s weaker in face-to-face combat due to the Get-hit flinch. So we reduced its Get-hit flinch and increased the ADS speed to make it adapt to the combat scenarios.

ADS speed: Increased

Get-Hit flinch: Reduced

The time for reloading takes effect was adjusted to make it more consistent after the mag is loaded.


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Without attachments, the performance of HVK-30 was slightly behind the rest of the other assault rifles which makes it not able to stand out when equipped with Large Caliber Mag, thus we need to buff it.

Damage: Increased

Upper arm damage multiplier: Increased (No attachment)


Branson still shows a high ceiling of capacity under certain circumstances even after last nerf, but this high upper limit should not be at the cost of this gun with other attachments. Without Branson, ASM10 is relatively weak compared to other low-fire-rate rifles thus we need to give it some buff on firing ranges.

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Range: Increased

OWC Ranger:

Range buff: Increased

OWC Marksman:

Range buff: Increased


Oden is unstable and barely achieves the shortest TTK, and it’s restricted by the ADS bullet spread. It’s time to make it deadly in two shots.

Lower arm damage multiplier: Increased

ADS bullet dispersion: Significantly reduced

Bullet speed: Increased


The weapon firing movement overly affected the performance. So we optimized the movement performance of the recoil flinch. We also reduced the reticle flinch affected by bullet dispersion.

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Recoil flinch movement: Reduced

Dispersion on gun kick: Reduced

Arctic .50

The benefits of Arctic .50 – Stopping Power Reload was not significant enough. On the contrary, the debuff was so strong that it lost the advantages of combatting with the majority of sniper rifles.

Stopping Power Reload:

Damage: Increased

ADS speed debuff: Reduced


The mobility of PKM was a bit low compared to its strong firepower, so we made an upward adjustment on its mobility.

ADS speed: Increased

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ADS movement speed: Increased


Chicom’s damage is weak in the first damage range and its high lateral recoil is hard to control. Time to buff it.

Horizontal Recoil: Reduced

Damage (MP): Increased

Damage (BR): Increased

Switchblade X9

Switchblade X9 made a slumping performance after the last nerf. So we increased its range and reduced the get-hit flinch to make it more reliable in mid-range combat.

Range: Increased

Get-Hit flinch: Reduced


RUS-79U is in an awkward situation because it’s slightly weaker than SMGs in close range combat and not capable enough of mid-range combatting.

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ADS time: Reduced

Minimum of hip fire dispersion: Reduced


HS2126 was famous for the fierce suppressive firing, but the long interval between bursts pushed it to an awkward situation. Besides, the strong vertical recoil made forgiveness less that the weapon became more difficult to use.

Fire interval between bursts: Reduced

Vertical recoil: Reduced

KSP 45

The strength of KSP 45 was adjusted back to a reasonable level after nerfing. But now it was at a disadvantage compared to strong SMG on the range, needing a buff to adjust upward.

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Range: Increased


In the past, we nerfed the performance of popular loadouts of QQ9 in order to avoid the situation of dominant usage rate in SMG after the nerfing of Switchblade X9. We also encourage players to make more different loadouts. QQ9 needs improvement to catch CBR4 and Fennec, and attachments that are not so popular need a buff as well.

Range: Increased

Lower arm damage multiplier: Increased

Horizontal recoil Performance optimized

10mm 30 Round Reload:

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Damage: Increased

SP-R 208

Bug Fixed:

Damage of .300mm 5 Round Reload in second damage range will no longer be lower than it in the third damage range.


As a close-range secondary weapon, the damage of Shorty should be increased to counteract the melee masters in the current combat environment.

Damage per pellet: Increased

The selections of pistols are quite stereotyped. So, we made some improvements on pistols with low usage rate.


Reload speed: Increased

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Range: Increased


Fire interval between burst: Reduced


Range: Increased

Damage: Increased


Melee Weapon Adsorption should be a feature that works as a supporting role, but we found it was overpowered beyond a reasonable threshold. The entertainment from melee combatting was decreased so we decided to nerf it to a performance that would be virtually imperceptible.

We unified melee weapon adsorption of all the melee weapons, and reduced damage distance to 1.3m.


Operator Skills

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HP recovery: Reduced

Energy recovery rate: Slightly reduced

Reactor Core

Movement speed when using Reactor Core: Reduced

Ballista EM3

Detected distance: Reduced

Actual damage distance: Reduced

Death Machine

Chest damage multiplier: Increased

Fire interval: Reduced

War Machine

Explosive range: Increased

Minimum explosive damage: Increased


Throwable recharging speed: Increased


Overall hacked time required: Reduced

Launcher Plus

Reserve ammunition: Added (Now it will be 2 extra ammunition)

Trophy System

Damage: Reduced



In Battle Royale, players always use SMG as the weapon for close-range hip firing. However, Cordite, which is known for its accuracy in hip firing, never shows its advantages as the low damage and mobility set a limit to its advantages.

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Damage: Increased


PPSh-41 is known for its hip firing, we hope that it can perform well and give an edge in Battle Royale.

Damage: Increased