How to link your Call of Duty account to YouTube for CDL rewards

Call of Duty League on YouTubeActivision / YouTube

Call of Duty League’s 2021 broadcast comes boasting in-game rewards for Black Ops Cold War. Here’s how you can link your account today to start earning items. 

The Call of Duty League is back for its second season and that means all new rewards are up for grabs. Simply by tuning in to various matches, you’ll be able to earn in-game items for Black Ops Cold War.

From emblems to player cards and plenty more, these goodies can be unlocked just by having the CDL stream open. With a hectic schedule of games now underway, there’s plenty of CoD to watch and plenty of opportunities to grab these in-game rewards.

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Setting up your account couldn’t be simpler. Thanks to a streamlined process directly on YouTube, it’ll only take a few seconds to get everything sorted. Here’s how it’s done.

How to link your CoD account to YouTube

YouTube connectionsYouTube
You can easily connect a number of accounts to YouTube.

First up, all you need to do is check through your settings on YouTube. This can be done in any browser or even straight from your mobile device. For the former, visit the account sharing section to get the process started. 

For those on mobile, tap on your account icon in the top right corner then go through to your settings page. Once you’re in, look towards the bottom of the list for the ‘Connected Apps’ option.

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As soon as you enter this page you should see a number of applications and services available to connect. Look for the Activision ID option and connect your account right away.

This will send you a prompt to sign in to your Activision account and authorize the new connection. The moment you log in, the process will be complete and your account will be linked up with YouTube.

  1. Head to the account sharing section of your YouTube settings.
  2. Locate the Activision option and hit the connect button.
  3. Login to your Activision account and authorize the connection.
Call of Duty League YouTube rewardsActivision
The first batch of Black Ops Cold War rewards available through the CDL stream.

That’s all there is to it. A few seconds of your time and you’ll be benefiting from it all season long. Every match you watch adds to your overall progress when it comes to unlocking in-game items.

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