CoD Mobile collabs with Gundam artist Shoji Kawamori on new Reaper Ashura skin

. 10 months ago
cod mobile reaper ashura mecha operator

Call of Duty Mobile is full of unique cosmetics, but the new Reaper Ashura Operator may be on another level. Created with Shoji Kawamori, the artist behind Gundam and Transformers designs, this new skin is built different.

While CoD’s console and PC counterparts, Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, get pretty unique cosmetics — CoD Mobile reaches new heights. Just look at Season 7, where the game is getting a skin devoted to award-winning artist Ozuna.

Players won’t only get to enjoy Ozuna’s bear-eared Operator for Season 7 though, as the developers have announced another collaboration that’s coming mid-season: Reaper Ashura.

The new mecha Operator has been produced in tandem with Shoji Kawamori, creator of Macross and an artist behind Transformers and Gundam. With that pedigree, it’s no wonder the skin looks outright deadly.

cod mobile reaper ashura operator
Yeah that’s an intimidating Operator.

As you can see from Reaper Ashura’s cover art, deadliness or lethality is a principal feature for the new Operator. With a pirate’s Jolly Roger skull atop the helmet and hints of chainmail insignia on the metallic frame, the mecha looks primed for combat.

But Reaper Ashura doesn’t come alone, as players can obtain other items in the Ashura Draw:

  • MRLMG Salamander (Legendary)
  • LK24 Firehook (Epic)
  • FHJ-18 Technopile Launcher (Epic)
  • Lil’ Ashura Charm (Epic)
  • Technophile Wingsuit (Epic)
reaper ashura cod mobile
Ten games? No problem.

As far as how to get Reaper Ashura and the different items, the cover art also mentions needing to “play ten times to get all the rewards.”

That leaves players with a simple decision: if you want to rock the mecha in CoD Mobile, you’ve got to get in there and start grinding.

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