CoD community torn by max settings controller player who “doesn’t rely on aim assist”

CoD player uses controllerYouTube/Dynamicyh

A Call of Duty YouTuber has split the Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone communities after showing off footage of his insane max settings controller gameplay.

The aim assist debate in FPS titles is one as old as time at this point, but for CoD controller player ‘Dynamic,’ it’s not something he needs.

In recently-uploaded footage, Dynamic revealed his alleged skills on the sticks with precise flicks, quick reflexes and frags that would make Rambo blush.

However, his gameplay is so incredible that some pros are convinced that he’s cheating, even though the YouTuber claims that he doesn’t and has even posted handcam footage in an effort to prove his innocence.

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Controller player stuns CoD community with ridiculous gameplay

Dynamic has said that unlike other controller players, he “doesn’t rely on aim assist,” and has become a hero for other controller gamers.

“DAMM your flicks on controller are insane,” praised a fellow CoD enthusiast.

“Bro, this is impressive. I’m almost never impressed by controller aim but this goes above and beyond mouse and keyboard skill,” another said. “You’re truly gifted/talented. It does look like you cheat tho so I hope that isn’t the case.”

After esports reporter Jake Lucky shared his gameplay, former CoD pro ‘Prestinni’ took issue with the footage.

“I hate that some people are believing this is legit,” he remarked.

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He wasn’t the only one either. Two-time world champion ‘Arcitys’ joked, “damn I’m not trying to see him in my shipment.”

In any case, while the community continues to debate the player’s actual skills and if he’s cheating, Dynamic and Lucky have plans to put this argument to rest on stream.

We’ll have to wait and see what the verdict is, but for the time being, Dynamic is the latest in a long line of players to be accused of cheating in the popular FPS franchise.