CoD pro Parasite shares concerning news about his competitive Black Ops 4 future

. 4 years ago

Professional Call of Duty player Christopher ‘Parasite’ Duarte has revealed that he is struggling to find a team to compete with in Black Ops 4.

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The former World Champion took to Twitter to announce that he is yet to find a squad to play alongside, with Black Ops 4 set to release on Friday, October 12.

Parasite felt during the summer that he wouldn’t have a problem finding a squad, but since then his thoughts have changed, with him saying: “This off season I went from feeling that things were gonna be fine to feeling hopeless.”

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Duarte had hoped that his performances during the World War II season, including a top 12 finish at the 2018 CWL Championships, would be enough to earn him a spot on a top team, but he believes that his behaviour in the past may be the reason he finds himself on his own.

“I don’t understand what more I’ve got to do to please my critics when I’ve tried everything,” stated the former Ghost Gaming star. “The fact that so many people in this community still hold grudges or just overlook me is saddening.”

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Parasite believes that he has grown as a person after last year’s Call of Duty season, saying: “I performed well and made the best out of wherever I was. I made great strides to become a better teammate and become more patient with others mistakes as well as acknowledging my own.

“I just wish others would see in me what I see in myself.”

Unfortunately for Parasite, a lot of Call of Duty’s top teams have already made roster changes ahead of the franchise’s switch to 5v5 competitive play, so it may be another year of grinding through the open bracket for the legendary CoD player.

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