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Chicago Huntsmen win CDL Seattle: results, final placements, highlights

Published: 25/May/2020 1:30 Updated: 25/May/2020 2:37

by Albert Petrosyan


Chicago Huntsmen are champions of the Seattle Home Series, taking down London Royal Ravens 3-1 in the Grand Final to become the third team to win multiple tournaments in the Call of Duty League.

There was a distinct theme in the Seattle Grand Final, as both the Huntsmen (Prestinni) and Royal Ravens (Zer0) featured a new face in their lineups, not to mention the twin vs twin battle for Arcitys/Prestinni and Skrapz/Wuskin.

But in the end, it was Chicago who displayed their superiority and claimed victory, their first championship since they lifted the trophy all the way back at CDL London. In fact, it was the first time they’d made a Grand Final since that event as well, having been stopped in the semifinal round at the previous three tournaments.

All in all, Huntsmen navigated through this Home Series without too much stress; none of their opponents – Paris, Minnesota, New York, or London – managed to push them to a game five.

The result means that they now have 50 more CDL Points under their belts, pushing them back atop of the 2020 season standings. Royal Ravens claimed 30 for their second-place effort, while Subliners and OpTic Gaming LA finished with 20.

CDL Seattle Home Series final placements

Placement Team CDL Points Roster
1 Chicago Huntsmen 50 Scump, FormaL, Envoy, Arcitys, Prestinni
2 London Royal Ravens 30 Skrapz, Wuskin, Dylan, Seany, Zer0
3/4 New York Subliners 20 ZooMaa, Attach, Temp, Accuracy, Mack
3/4 OpTic Gaming LA 20 SlasheR, Dashy, TJHaLy, Kenny, Chino
5/6 LA Guerrillas 10 AquA, Blazt, Decemate, Spart, Vivid
5/6 Minnesota ROKKR 10 SiLLY, Alexx, Asim, GoDRx, Assault
7/8 Seattle Surge 0 Karma, Slacked, Apathy, Octane, Pandur/Enable
7/8 Paris Legion 0 Louqa, Shockz, Denz, KiSMET, Zed

CDL Seattle Grand Final recap & highlights

The series began with Hardpoint on Rammaza, a contest that was played very well by both sides. However, Huntsmen always seemed to be one step ahead of their opponents from the get-go, which ultimately led them to a 250-202 victory and a 1-0 series lead.

Knowing that a 0-2 deficit against Huntsmen would be a nightmare to overcome, Royal Ravens put in an expert performance on the game two Arklov Peak Search & Destroy, winning the map 6-2 and tying up the series at one game apiece.

It looked like Royal Ravens were going to use their newfound momentum from the S&D to take their first lead in the series, as a fast start saw them leading at halftime. However, back-and-forth was the theme of the second half, and despite a furious London rally, Chicago held on to win by the slimmest of margins, 155-154.

With the Grand Final back under their control, the Huntsmen did not want the series to go to a game five and they didn’t let that happen. A masterclass showing on Hackney Yard Hardpoint, 250-160, sealed the match win and their second championship of the season.

CDL Seattle brackets & scores

Here are the results and schedule for the Seattle Home Series. Teams marked in red means that they were eliminated following the result of that match.

Friday, May 22 – Day 1 recap & highlights

Round Match
Group B R1 Chicago Huntsmen 3 – 1 Paris Legion
Group A R1 LA Guerrillas 2 – 3 London Royal Ravens
Group B R1 OpTic Gaming LA 2 – 3 Minnesota ROKKR
Group A R1 New York Subliners 3 – 1 Seattle Surge

Saturday, May 23 – Day 2 recap & highlights

Round Match
Group B WR2 Chicago Huntsmen 3 – 0 Minnesota ROKKR
Group A WR2 London Royal Ravens 3 – 0 New York Subliners
Group B LR1 Paris Legion 1 – 3 OpTic Gaming LA
Group A LR1 LA Guerrillas 3 – 1 Seattle Surge
Group B LR2 Minnesota ROKKR 0 – 3 OpTic Gaming LA
Group A LR2 New York Subliners 3 – 1 LA Guerrillas

Sunday, May 24

Round Match
Semifinal 1 London Royal Ravens 3 –OpTic Gaming LA
Semifinal 2 Chicago Huntsmen 3 –New York Subliners
Grand Final London Royal Ravens 1 – 3 Chicago Huntsmen

Group A Bracket

Group B Bracket

Playoff Bracket

CDL Seattle coverage & recaps

With the Seattle Home Series now officially in the books, the Call of Duty League’s attention will turn to the Minnesota event, taking place June 5-7.

This has all the makings of a legendary weekend, as Atlanta FaZe, Dallas Empire, and Chicago Huntsmen, the top three teams in the league, will all be in attendance. What’s more, both Minnesota and Florida Mutineers, the fourth and fifth teams in the standings, will also be competing, along with Toronto Ultra and Seattle Surge, the former coming off their best event so far at CDL Florida.

For more information about this tournament and the entire CDL season, make sure to check out our Call of Duty League 2020 hub, which includes the latest standings, full event schedule, latest roster changes, and more.

Call of Duty

Hilarious Black Ops Cold War bug literally breaks Fireteam Dirty Bomb

Published: 30/Nov/2020 11:14

by Alex Garton


A game-breaking Black Ops Cold War bug is suspending players above the map on Fireteam Dirty Bomb, rendering them useless for the entire match.

As with any new release, Black Ops Cold War has had its fair share of bugs and glitches. From players falling through the map to a permanent thermal overlay, its obvious Treyarch overlooked a few elements of the game before releasing the title.

However, if a bug is not game-breaking, players will usually laugh it off and let it go. It’s only when a glitch renders players completely useless that a bug starts to become more frustrating than funny.

Well, that’s exactly the type of bug some players are experiencing on Fireteam Dirty Bomb and it’s fair to say they’re not pleased about it.

Fireteam Dirty Bomb is the new mode released with Black Ops Cold War.

Game-breaking bug suspends players above the map

A video posted to the Black Ops Cold War subreddit reveals a game-breaking bug occurring on Fireteam Dirty Bomb. The glitch suspends the players above the map for the entire match with them unable to move or participate.

On top of this, it appears the entire game mode is broken with teams being bigger than they’re are supposed to be and textures not loading in.

Fireteam: Dirtybomb gamebreaking bug from r/blackopscoldwar

As you can see, the players are left floating above the map and are audibly frustrated at the issue. One of them even states: “I’d genuinely be surprised if they even had playtesters for this game.”

It’s worth noting the players can scope down onto the map below but they’re completely locked in place. Attempting to run will trigger the animation but no movement will occur.

Glitches can be entertaining in certain titles, especially when they do not heavily impact the gameplay experience. However, in competitive games like Call of Duty, a game-breaking bug can be extremely frustrating.

Fingers crossed Treyarch get this bug fixed as soon as possible so players don’t have to continue spectating the game from above the map.