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Frustrating Warzone & Vanguard bug is making players’ controllers useless

Published: 19/Jan/2022 11:43

by Nathan Warby


Both Warzone and Vanguard are no strangers to the occasional glitch, and the latest issue is causing the right stick to completely stop working mid-match for controller players. Luckily, there is a really easy way you can fix it.

Ever since the launch of Vanguard and Warzone Pacific, the CoD series has been plagued with bugs and glitches. Some of these have been so strange they’re hilarious, while others, like the freezing Buy Stations, have been totally game-breaking.

The latest issue that players are running into sees the right stick become useless for controller players, leaving them unable to do anything but run straight ahead.


It’s a problem that popped up recently after a Warzone cheaters aimbot stopped working. But, now, it seems the right stick bug is affecting average players.

vanguard operator aiming down stg-44
The right stick bug stops players from looking around and aiming.

The issue seems to crop up whenever a player’s controller disconnects mid-game, whether it’s lost all charge or the user has quickly swapped the batteries. Once the controller reconnects, be it on console or PC, the right stick stops working entirely.

As you can see from the clip posted by Reddit user spiderpunk92, although they remained in the game, they could only run and shoot without being able to aim.

This is the result of the game automatically changing your input settings from controller to mouse and keyboard. If this happens to you, there are a few different ways to solve the problem.


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How to fix Warzone & Vanguard right stick not working issue

Your first point of call if you run into this issue should be simply hitting right on your controller’s D-pad, the button that normally accesses scorestreaks. This appears to help Warzone or Vanguard realize that a controller is connected rather than a mouse and keyboard.

At the time of writing, this appears to be the only method that won’t disrupt your game slightly. If using the D-pad doesn’t work, other players have reported that the right stick issue resolves itself after death.

Of course, on Vanguard multiplayer this could be a small blip in the match, but having to do this in Caldera could completely ruin the game for you and your squad. It’s far from ideal, but it’s a small price to pay to regain full control of your character.


Warzone operator aiming
The right stick bug is a frustrating one, but these steps can help you solve it.

Failing all of this, the third and final option is to simply close the application altogether. Once you boot the game back up, your controller will be fully-functioning once again.

While it may seem minor, there’s no doubt this is an incredibly frustrating glitch that can easily disrupt play sessions. If you want to avoid the bug altogether, we recommend trying to make sure that your controller is fully-charged or sorted with fresh batteries before playing.

So, to recap, these are three best ways to solve the right stick bug in Warzone and Vanguard:

  1. Hit right on the D-pad
  2. Allow yourself to be killed in-game
  3. Close the application

If you’re in the middle of a long session, try and wait until between matches to start disconnecting the controller. If not, and the right stick goes missing, be sure to use these helpful tips to get it back on track.


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