Call of Duty: Warzone on mobile all but confirmed by job listing

warzone mobile coming soonActivision-Blizzard

While rumors regarding the development of Warzone for mobile devices may have dwindled down in recent months, new job listings from Activision-Blizzard seemingly confirm the development of the game.

Warzone has been a massive success for Activision since its launch on console and PC in March 2019, but the potential for the game on mobile has never been discussed by the publisher.

With Call of Duty Mobile reaching hundreds of millions of downloads, and other battle royale games such as Fortnite embracing the mobile market, there was always discussion about if Warzone would make the jump.

New LinkedIn posts from Activision-Blizzard and subsequent job listings have reinforced the notion that Warzone is coming to iOS/Android.

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Warzone mobile job posts Activision-Blizzard
Warzone should be a success on mobile devices

Warzone mobile confirmed?

Activision-Blizzard posted a call to arms for mobile developers on LinkedIn, as they are looking to expand their work pool to add more roles within the mobile division of Call of Duty. The post itself has some interesting notes:

“Activision Mobile has put up new roles! Teams are focused on Live Operations and content expansion across CoD Mobile and Warzone. Our dev teams are dedicated to mobile and comprised of all major disciplines.”

It appears they are hiring new faces to help produce a mobile iteration of Warzone on iOS/Android, and this is not the only clue Activision-Blizzard has posted in relation to the development of the game.

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In September 2020, they posted a job listing for the role of ‘Executive Producer-Mobile’, the person hired for this role would lead the integration of Warzone’s core mechanics onto mobile devices. While Activision-Blizzard has not directly announced they are developing Warzone for mobile devices, it appears they are trying to piece together the right staff to make this possible.

More job listings

Not only has Activision-Blizzard posted the May 3 LinkedIn post, but they have also quietly added over 50 new roles into their mobile department on their careers page.

cod mobile sucessActivision-Blizzard
CoD Mobile is Activision’s only mobile title currently

A large portion of these jobs is listed to help develop a new mobile title that the company is currently working on. With CoD Mobile being a large hit worldwide, we can assume they are looking to replicate this success with Warzone; and do not see why it cannot climb to the top of mobile games.

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As noted above, Activision-Blizzard has not directly announced they are developing CoD Warzone for mobile devices, but we can hope this announcement is in the pipeline for some time this year.