Warzone devs reveal plan to increase TTK for all guns in future updates

Warzone character holding a raven in snowActivision

Raven Software are looking to increase the TTK (Time to Kill) in Warzone across every weapon in a bid to raise the skill ceiling of the battle royale. 

Just like every other multiplayer shooter, Raven Software walk a difficult line when it comes to weapon balancing and the overall time to kill.

The latter, more often referred to as TTK, has always been a sore point with Call of Duty players and is debated on with each new release.

It’s also been an issue in Warzone, given how strong some weapons have been – especially when new ones are added. However, the devs are looking at ways to tweak the TTK moving forward, especially as they change a whole host of weapons.

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The AMAX has been nerfed in Warzone.

Alongside the May 7 update, which brought changes to the AMAX, PPSH, Street Sweeper, and a whole bunch of attachments, Raven gave players an insight into what they’re looking at tweaking next.

The devs noted that they’ll be looking at buffs for some of the Modern Warfare weapons, but on top of that, the time to kill should be changing in the future as they look to raise the skill ceiling in-game with the further weapon tweaks.

“We feel we are close to a ‘balance homeostasis’ where most options are at the very least viable,” the devs said about the current arsenal of weapons. “Which leaves us to address Time to Kill. The following balance changes are part of our ongoing efforts to raise TTK or at least the individual skill required to reach extreme ones. We ask that you consider these changes not as targeted attacks, but rather as part of a larger initiative to raise the skill ceiling.”

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Statement from the Warzone developers on the new changes

Raising the TTK will delight players who play at the higher skill levels, because they’re less likely to get cheese’d by an overpowered weapon.

However, it remains to be seen as to how long it’ll take Raven to get things right. It’s a difficult one to balance and get ironed out and should take some time.