Call of Duty pro Arcitys brings tears to young streamer’s eyes after heartwarming raid

Brad Norton
Arcitys CDL pro

Veteran Call of Duty pro Alec ‘Arcitys’ Sanderson sent his Twitch viewers over to a young streamer’s channel and left them teary-eyed in the process as new followers began to pile up.

As a young CoD player, ‘fazeproboy10’ couldn’t have imagined what he was in store for when loading into a game of S&D in Modern Warfare 2 on May 2. Lucky enough to be paired up with LA Guerrillas star Arcitys, the young gun had no idea he was matched with a CDL pro.

Getting into the mix early on, the two struck up a casual conversation. Looking to share the love around, Arcitys wanted to send his Twitch viewers over the kid’s stream in order to boost his following.

While the gaming prodigy wasn’t live at the time, he was still inundated with notifications as Arcitys and his legion of fans swarmed the channel and followed along, leaving his younger teammate absolutely shocked.

“Are you streaming right now?” Arcitys asked as the first round progressed. “Stream right now,” he said. “I promise you you’ll get followers right now, just turn it on bro.”

Sharing his account name with the pro, the younger player couldn’t believe what followed as dozens of new viewers came his way.

“Oh my god, no way. My heart is going…” the young CoD player said, clearly overwhelmed in the best way possible. “Oh my god, thank you so much! No way. I love you all. Bro, there’s no way.”

With FaZe in his account name, Arcitys explained how he was once part of the iconic esports organization. “I used to be on FaZe,” he said, to which the kid hilariously responded, “You’re lying.

“You’re the best. I’m actually crying. Thank you all,” he said on repeat, grateful as his Twitch account continued to soar, despite his stream not even being live in the moment. At the time of writing, his ‘fazeproboy10’ Twitch channel now boasts 267 followers.

For all we know, those early followers could be among the first to catch on with the next CoD legend. We’ll just have to see if the up-and-coming phenom makes his dreams come true by landing a spot on the Atlanta FaZe roster one day down the line.

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