Arcitys explains how he created a COD dynasty

Arcitys CODDexerto


Alec ‘Arcitys’ Sanderson is now a two-time Call of Duty world champion, and he has the skills to back it up. While he might not be known for his flashy plays, he explained how he climbed to the top ⁠— and all it took was a bit of humility.

Arcitys brought a struggling eUnited roster back from the grave to win Call of Duty 2019 Champs. The reason for the turnaround? He became a leader, letting his allies frag out.

The now two-time world champion ⁠— getting a second title with Atlanta FaZe in 2021 ⁠— has opened up on how becoming a true leader enabled him to reach the highest highs and bring the best out of his teammates to get there.

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