Call of Duty player customizes gun with Plague Diamond camo in real life

Jacob Hale
plague diamond ak47 black ops cold war

A dedicated CoD player has recreated the eye-catching Plague Diamond camo from Black Ops Cold War on a real-life airsoft gun and it looks absolutely incredible.

Each year, Call of Duty adds more crazy camos to the ever-growing pool of weapons in the game.

From having a Diamond camo back in Black Ops 2, to Dark Matter in Black Ops 3 and now many variations of Dark Matter and other highly regarded camos, it’s become a staple of the franchise.

In Cold War, one of the most popular camos among players has been Plague Diamond, despite how much of a grind it is. To unlock the camo, you need to get the Golden Viper camo on every weapon in that class, which is unlocked through Zombies.

dual wield pistols cold war plague diamond
The Plague Diamond camo is one of the most prestigious you can unlock, and shows you’re a true grinder.

Call of Duty players are always creative, and while some have gone so far as to recreate Warzone snipers from Nerf guns in real life, this recreation of the popular camo has really caught the eyes of fellow players, for different reasons.

Posting their creation to Reddit, TheLosersClubYT showed off the camo on their airsoft 1911 pistol.

The gun is adorned entirely in purple, including (presumably) makeshift diamonds to really complete the Plague Diamond look.

plague diamond on real life airsoft gun
Reddit: TheLosersClubYT
This Plague Diamond airsoft pistol looks incredible.

While they received a lot of love for the Plague Diamond look, some commenters admitted that “twitched a time or two” at a pistol dressed up in such a way.

Needless to say, one thing nobody can deny is that it’s a great attempt at bringing Call of Duty to a real-life airsoft gun, with a really accurate look.

Any chance of a reactive camo next?