Call of Duty League confirms Warzone was “never” an option for 3rd mode

Call of Duty League

The Call of Duty League has officially shot down the idea of Warzone being considered as a potential 3rd game mode for the upcoming 2022 competitive season. 

After a rumor about Call of Duty’s battle royale mode being considered as a serious option for the CDL went viral amongst the community, the league’s General Manager Daniel Tsay has stepped in to clear the air around the situation.

When addressing the topic he wasted no time in explaining that any claim about this situation is completely false and that the fate of the third mode has been known for quite a while, but was being held back due to in-game issues.

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CDL debunks ‘Warzone as 3rd game mode’ rumors

Warzone gameplayActivision
The idea of Warzone and the CDL crossing over was a major talking point during the 2021 off-season.

The rumors were first sparked by a clip from Ian “Crimsix” Porter’s stream in which he claimed that the battle royale was just “one vote” away from becoming the league’s official third game mode.

In his first Community Update blog on the CDL YouTube channel, Tsay confirmed that Crimsix’s video was just a well-played ruse from the 3x World Champion: “What that is, is an A+ job in trolling. Good job, Crim. But it’s not true, there was never any vote for the third game mode to be Warzone.”

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To further support that statement, the GM added that the CDL has known that Control would be the third game mode for some time and that they were saving the announcement until Sledgehammer could push out a patch that better aligned the gameplay with players’ needs: “The third game mode has always been Control but we wanted to ensure its playability for Challengers and the Call of Duty League before announcing that.”

The patch in question is arriving the week of January 10 and comes with updates to Control and Search and Destroy, while re-enabling players to turn off destructible environments in private matches.

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These were all highly requested features from the community and could smoothen out the road to an otherwise-tumultuous CDL Kickoff event.