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Call of Duty Dream Team: What’s the best CoD roster of all time?

Published: 6/Jun/2021 17:15 Updated: 6/Jun/2021 17:22

by Joe Craven


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Throwing the best players from different eras together to make dream teams is always a good debate, no matter the sport (or esport). But what would your all-time Call of Duty dream team look like? 

The annual release cycle of Call of Duty titles means that even the very best players can see their talents vary year on year. Sam ‘Octane’ Larew, who proved himself as one of the best in the world at Black Ops 4, has struggled with both Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War.

Naturally, CoD fans like to conceive of teams that could have been, even if the chronology doesn’t quite pan out. How would Infinite Warfare FormaL and WWII Kenny done together? We’ll never know, but it’s fun to think about.


Here, Pacman, Enable and Katie Bedford go over their dream teams, combining some of the most dominant players with one another. What would your dream team look like?

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