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Call of Duty 2020 rumors suggest Black Ops reboot could be delayed

Published: 12/Jun/2020 9:52

by Joe Craven


With Modern Warfare fast approaching a year old, many Call of Duty fans are turning their attention to the upcoming CoD 2020 title. However, new rumors suggest the game is in a poor state, and a reveal could still be some way off. 

Reportedly a Black Ops reboot developed by Treyarch, details are fast piling up regarding the upcoming Call of Duty 2020 title. Rumored to now just be called ‘Black Ops’, the project was handed to Treyarch after issues with development at Sledgehammer Games and Raven Software.

This seems to be the root of the rumored issues currently engulfing the game. Treyarch’s Black Ops III released in 2015, with Black Ops 4 coming in late 2018. This gave them two full years to develop BO4, a time-scale which has been halved for CoD 2020.


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CoD 2020 appears to be another installment in the Black Ops franchise.

CoD 2020 in a poor state

Back in October, we brought you the news that CoD 2020 was rumored to be in a poor state. Recent rumors, from nearly 8 months later, echo these issues and suggest the game is struggling to near completion.

Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier, one of the names who originally revealed details on CoD 2020, has since reiterated claims that the game is some way off a reveal.

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These leaks have been compounded by prominent CoD leaker TheGamingRevolution, who has suggested that the slow development of Warzone’s narrative indicates that CoD 2020 is struggling to progress.

Will CoD 2020 be delayed?

Essentially, we don’t know, and we won’t know until Treyarch or Activision confirm something. While they have previously said that the game is still set for an autumn release, the rumors of a poor development state have cast fresh doubt on this timescale.


CoD 2020 is already set for the latest reveal of any Call of Duty games, with some being teased as early as April. Mid-June, with no reveal, is unprecedented in CoD terms.

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Tom Henderson, a CoD YouTuber and insider (previously known as LongSensation on Twitter), has joined these suggestions, stating that he is “50/50” about whether the game will be delayed.

“Over and over again I’ve heard the game is in a mess despite claims it’s ‘on track’,” he said, in a June 11 tweet. “I reported about 4-5 months ago that is isn’t where it needs to be. I’m 50/50 on if the game will be delayed.”


It goes without saying that these comments are hearsay, and there is no guarantee that CoD 2020 will indeed be delayed. If the rumors are anything to go off, however, it sounds as if the incredibly tight time-scale is catching up with Treyarch.