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Call of Duty 2019 being developed by Infinity Ward, will have Campaign mode

Published: 12/Feb/2019 22:28 Updated: 13/Feb/2019 5:43

by Wyatt Donigan


With many questions and rumors floating around regarding the next installment in the Call of Duty franchise, Activision has shared some key details about the upcoming game. 

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A full announcement is not expected for a couple of months, but Activision has still decided to reveal new details on the 16th entry in the popular franchise during their Q4 2018 Earnings Call on February 12. 

Activision started out by officially confirming that Infinity Ward will be developing the upcoming title, which will be the studio’s eighth Call of Duty title and first since Infinite Warfare in 2016. 

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Along with the return of Infinity Ward, Call of Duty 2019 will also see the return of the single-player campaign that was notoriously absent from Black Ops 4. 

In addition to the new campaign, it was confirmed that Call of Duty 2019 will also have a “large” multiplayer mode and new co-op experiences. 

While Infinite Warfare might have been met with mixed reviews overall, the campaign was one of the most well-received in franchise history. 

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With a return of single-player and co-op content, Call of Duty 2019 is said to be a game “rooted in franchise history” that the company has “high expectations” for. 


No confirmation was given as to what specific series this game will be a part of, it seems to give weight to rumors that it will be the fourth entry in the popular Modern Warfare series. 

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The positive news will surely be welcomed by many Call of Duty fans who have grown restless over the lack of content for Black Ops 4. 

To that point, Activision Blizzard CFO also stated during the call that the company is investing a lot into Call of Duty’s development and will bring new content more often during the life cycle of the next game.