Black Ops 4 pro players are not happy with the League Play announcement – ft. Scump, ACHES, Parasite, and more

Albert Petrosyan

The Call of Duty community was sent abuzz on January 8 with the announcement of League Play coming soon to Black Ops 4 Multiplayer, but not everybody is happy with the actual format. 

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After weeks of complaining from the majority of the Black Ops 4 player-base, Treyarch finally confirmed that the long awaited game mode would make its debut at the end of January.

The developers revealed that League Play will be made up of two significant components – events and scrims. The events will be designed to emulate the tournaments that pro players play, in that they will be intense and frequent but shorter in their duration, normally enabled over weekends of three-day periods. 

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In between those events there will be scrims, which will essentially be an unranked Multiplayer playlist limited to the same official ruleset used by the CWL.

The purpose of these scrims will be for players to get competitive practice and hone their skills ahead of the events, which will be ranked. 

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League Play in Black Ops 4 will be similar to regular public matches in Multiplayer but there will be restrictions based on the official CWL ruleset.

While the news of League Play finally being implemented has been greeted with extreme excitement by most, the positive reaction has not been as universal for some in the competitive community, especially pro players.

Many have questioned Treyarch’s decision not to use a ranked system for the scrims and have voiced their concerns and apprehensions about the scrims having the potential to be non-competitive, which would be counterproductive to the whole premise of League Play.

Many consider the League Play format in Black Ops 2 to be the best ranked game mode from all of the CoD titles.

Furthermore, seeing as this system is not exactly what the pros were looking for, the fact that it’s being released four-plus months into the game’s lifespan has them further incensed, especially since the actual ranked mode will almost only take place during weekends. 

That being said, here are some of the best reactions on Twitter from pro player who explain why they are not to keen on this type of League Play.

In addition to the tweets above, you can click here to view the reactions of hundreds of non-pro players who have been complaining about the League Play format on Twitter