Black Ops 4 player discovers possible new exploit that makes players move incredibly fast

Bill Cooney

A Black Ops 4 player has discovered what is apparently a new exploit in multiplayer that greatly increases the player’s move speed.

The latest Call of Duty features Zombies, Blackout, and several other multiplayer modes that have been in the series before, like Domination or Team Deathmatch.

The exploit appears to have happened in Domination, and from the looks of things is definitely an advantage to the player using it.

The clip of the exploit was posted to /r/Blackops4  by user noahjk, who said “this guy was running around like a dog. Looked like a horror movie.”

Once you watch the entire clip, you might be inclined to agree with noahjk because the player does run around just like a dog and it is pretty disturbing.

Besides looking wrong, it also allows the player to move around extremely fast and rack up an insane amount of kills against players who would have a hard time hitting his crazy hitbox.

But, some users in the comments claimed it wasn’t hacking or a cheat, but simply the player spamming prone with the Dexterity perk.

However, if the player was using software or some kind of script to help them spam the controls, that would violate Activision’s EULA, which forbids “automation software (bots)” to gain an unfair advantage.

Even if it is just an exploit that’s accessible through in-game mechanics, it wouldn’t be surprising to see it patched out, just because of the potential for abuse.

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