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Black Ops 4: Best Class setups for brand-new SWAT RFT assault rifle

Published: 19/Dec/2018 16:39 Updated: 19/Dec/2018 16:54

by Matt Porter


Call of Duty developers over at Treyarch Studios often add new weapons to the game to keep things fresh, and their latest offering in Black Ops 4 is no exception.

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First released on PlayStation 4 in the Operation Zero update on Tuesday, December 11, the SWAT RFT is a brand new assault rifle added to the game alongside the Daemon 3XB submachine gun and the Secret Santa melee weapon.

Players need to complete 100 Contraband tiers in Black Ops 4’s Black Market to unlock the SWAT RFT, but if they can get their hands on it, they’ll be controlling one of the most powerful assault rifles in the game.


Call of Duty expert and YouTuber TheXclusiveAce has uploaded a video highlighting the SWAT RFT, and advising players on what class setups they should be using to get the most of of the weapon.

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The SWAT RFT is a five to six shot kill in core Black Ops 4 game modes, while it will take down opponents in one to two shots in hardcore. The weapon does have one of the slowest rates of fire in its class, and unfortunately doesn’t have a rapid fire attachment to help speed things up.

TheXclusiveAce has two classes that he likes to use, with each serving a different purpose. The first is best used in close quarters combat, and requires you to stack up on attachments. Quickdraw will let you aim quicker, while Stock will help you aim while you strafe in gunfights.


Using High Caliber will help you kill enemy players one shot quicker, and Extended Mags will mean you don’t need to reload as often.

XclusiveAce’s first SWAT RFT class setup.
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Ace’s second class prioritizes sitting back and playing for streaks, with Stock and Extended Mags switched out for Long Barrel and a Reflex sight, allowing you to be more precise when taking down targets from a long distance.

The second SWAT RFT class is designed for slower, methodical gameplay.

In addition to discussing his favorite class setups for the weapon, TheXclusiveAce also provides an in-depth look at the weapon’s damage stats such as damage profile, time to kill and the distances at which the weapon is most effective.


You can watch his full video below.