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Bizarre Warzone parachute bug sends players flying upwards

Published: 2/Jun/2020 12:28

by Jacob Hale


Warzone players have become increasingly frustrated with a strange bug that is sending them upwards when they deploy their parachute, rather than helping them descend into Verdansk.

There are a handful of bugs and issues on Infinity Ward’s radar for Warzone, from simple glitches, to overpowered weapons or even just an abundance of camping.

This parachute issue might just take the cake though, with players unable to even touch ground on Verdansk, let alone find issue with the gameplay itself.

Warzone players are always looking for the perfect drop – but sometimes, dropping isn’t even possible.

As evidenced in a Reddit post from LS7H, the Warzone parachute doesn’t always work as intended – in fact, quite the opposite.


After jumping out of the plane to fly drop in to Verdansk, rather than follow his teammates, LS7H just kept going upwards, suggesting while 11,000 metres in the air that he might just have to fly out of the map so he can die and try his luck in the Gulag.

Parachute bug – rising instead of falling. from r/CODWarzone

As usually happens, pulling out the parachute made him fly slower, but neither deploying or cutting his parachute seemed to fix the issue, leaving him little options but to fly out and accept his fate or simply restart the game.

This looks similar to a bug discovered shortly after Warzone’s launch, whereby respawning from the Gulag sent some players, downed, flying into the sky after winning their 1v1 matchup.


It’s not entirely clear whether the two bugs are related, in some way, but it seems to be two different bugs offering the same result, and it’s possible that something in particular is causing both to occur. Regardless, Infinity Ward will want to look into this and fix the issue shortly, especially with Modern Warfare and Warzone Season 4 on the horizon.