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Bizarre Warzone glitch reveals possible new bandage healing item

Published: 27/May/2020 5:03

by Brad Norton


A new healing item may have just glitched into Warzone, with Call of Duty players accidentally stumbling upon a random new bandage animation in the Modern Warfare battle royale.

Infinity Ward could be set to introduce a new healing item in a nearby Warzone update, if the new random bandages being handed out through a new battle royale glitch are to be believed.

Instead of regenerating health as per usual in the Modern Warfare battle royale, perhaps a drastic shakeup is on the way that forces you to heal with items.

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Infinity Ward
Until now, Armor Plates have been the only way to adjust your health in Warzone.

In the midst of a May 26 game of Plunder, Reddit user ‘regnilsemaj’ noticed something out of the ordinary. Instead of filling out their last piece of armor to reach maximum health, their character pulled out a roll of gauze bandages.


They continued wrapping it around their left arm though no extra health was provided. They then went on to question the new glitched feature that had appeared mid-match: “Uhh, what is happening with my screen?”

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BANDAGES? Can some please explain? from CODWarzone


There’s no quite telling what incurred the random animation, though it might have something to do with ladders across Verdansk. The moment they looked to insert their third Armor Plate, they interacted with the ladder and it vanished.

Upon reaching the top, the player suddenly had bandages at their disposal. While this could have let slip a new source of healing – perhaps coming in the major Season 4 patch – there’s a chance this is simply an old feature.


In early Warzone development, healing could have been manual similar to how bandages function in Fortnite. Bandages to heal up and Armor Plates to buff your maximum health. There’s no quite telling without official word from the devs.

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Infinity Ward
A LTM could also be how bandages are introduced in Warzone.

Warzone’s fourth season is set to kick off on June 4. Perhaps this glitched feature will be properly introduced with the new update, or maybe it’ll stay under wraps… pun completely intended.

Keep your eyes peeled too, as you may randomly stumble upon this glitched animation in your next Warzone session as you look to replenish your armor.