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Team Repullze wins Baka Bros $50K Warzone Rebirth tournament: Final results

Published: 12/Apr/2022 6:00 Updated: 12/Apr/2022 6:09

by Jacob Hale


Just a few short months after running Warzone’s very first major LAN event, the wild streaming trio that is the Baka Bros put together a $50k Warzone tournament on Rebirth Island. While Team Repullze came away with the overall win, we’ve got you covered with a full breakdown of how it all played out.

  • Team Repullze wins $5K bonus as top overall squad.
  • Emsage, Jezuzjrr, & Envailed finish as the top Trio.
  • $50,000 prize split across 10 custom games.

With the newly revamped version of Rebirth Island currently in the spotlight, the Baka Bros just launched their very own tournament on the map with some major stakes involved.

$50,000 was up for grabs, with many of Warzone’s top stars duking it out across the day. From which team took the crown, to a look at individual lobby winners, here’s all you need to know about the Baka Rebirth tournament.


Baka Bros $50k Rebirth tourney results

Top overall Trios

Placement Trio Points Prize
1st Emsage, Jezuzjrr, & Envailed 259.9 $8,000
2nd Tommey, Almond, Newbz 246.8 $5,000
3rd Booya, DiazBiffle, SuperEvan 234 $2,000

Custom Lobby breakdown

Round Winning Trio Prize
1 Emsage, Jezuzjrr, & Envailed $3,000
2 Blazt, Stukawaki, Slacked
3 HusKerrs, Unrational, Scummn
4 Tommey, Almond, Newbz
5 Emsage, Jezuzjrr, Envailed
6 Booya, DiazBiffle, SuperEvan
7 Tommey, Almond, Newbz
8 Jukeyz, Skrapz, Robstar
9 Tctekk, Immude, Nixstah
10 Aydan, zSmit, Hisoka

Baka Bros $50k Rebirth tourney stream & schedule

While fans could watch the tournament from the POV of their favorite streamers, we’ve embedded Repullze’s channel here so you can catch up on the full Baka Bros experience.

The qualifiers were first up on April 4 with the main event landing a week later on April 11. Below is a full look at the schedule for both days of action.

Qualifiers: April 4

  • 12pm – 3pm PST — Public kill race
  • 3.30pm – 6pm PST — Private custom lobby

Main event: April 11

  • 4pm – 8pm PST — 10 games of Rebirth for qualified teams
  • Prizes will be awarded after each game

Baka Bros $50k Rebirth tourney format

With this $50K tourney split across two days, the qualifiers and the main event both featured different formats.

The qualifiers dropped teams into kill races at first, before swapping to custom lobbies for the final six games. Only the top three teams at the end of the day advanced to the main event.


Speaking of, the main event format consisted entirely of custom game action. Trios played 10 games in total on Rebirth, with points awarded for kills and placement in each lobby.

Below is a full breakdown of the prize pool split:

  • $30,000 split across 10 games – $3,000 for each game-winning Trio.
  • All Trios on the winning Captain’s team win a bonus – $5,000 split among all players.
  • Remaining $15,000 split among the Top 3 overall Trios:
    • 1st: $8,000
    • 2nd: $5,000
    • 3rd: $2,000

Baka Bros $50k Rebirth tourney teams

Following on from some early qualifiers, a full draft was hosted just one day prior to the main event. It was during this draft that Captains JGOD, Repullze, and Lucky all picked their favorite Trios to represent them in the tournament.

From Tommey and Aydan to Biffle and ZLaner, there was no shortage of massive Warzone stars featured in this $50K tourney.


Below is a full look at every Trio that dropped into the event, along with their respective teams.

Team JGOD Team Repullze Team Lucky Chamu
Gorb, Knight, JoeWo Booya, DiazBiffle, SuperEvan Tommey, Almond, Newbz
HusKerrs, Unrational, Scummn Aydan, zSmit, Hisoka Destroy, ZLaner, Fifakill
Jukeyz, Skrapz, Robstar Tctekk, Immude, Nixstah BobbyPoff, Finessen, Lenun
Blazt, Stukawaki, Slacked Galex, Chrxnicle, Smurk Bearpig, FivebyFive, EpicPlayz
Mayappo, Ottereyes, Abwizz Emsage, Jezuzjrr, Envailed Deniro420, Intensevo, Alohamytv