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Aydan picks the best Warzone duos partners

Published: 12/May/2021 11:01

by Jacob Hale


New York Subliners content creator and Warzone’s highest earner Aydan has picked out his top 8 “sweatiest” duos in Warzone, and it makes for a pretty interesting list.

With the ever-evolving Warzone meta, and a huge host of high-level tournaments being played every week, many fans will have their own ideas of who the best Warzone players are.

Among the highest earners are the likes of Aydan, Jordan ‘HusKerrs’ Thomas and Rhys ‘Rated’ Price, and when picking out his top Warzone duos, they all feature.

In his hypothetical 2v2 tournament, there are some lesser-known duos, and some glaring omissions too that fans are up in arms about.


Warzone duo on rebirth island
2v2 is the most common format for Warzone tournaments.

While Warzone tournaments regularly have different types of formats and always keep things fresh, they often end up being played in duos, whether it’s timed kill races or loading into Quads against their opponents.

Tweeting out to his followers on May 11, Aydan asked for his fans’ thoughts, asking who they would pick “to make the sweatiest 2v2 tournament of all time,” providing his own choices too.

His list was:

  • Aydan & Rated
  • DiazBiffle & SuperEvan
  • Tommey & Almond
  • Jukeyz & Fifakill
  • HusKerrs & Newbz
  • Mayappo & Otter
  • Blazt & MuTeX
  • ZLaner & Destroy

Obviously, some of these selections are a given. Names like Mayappo & Otter are less well-known than some of the others who are top streamers in their own right.

One duo that many believe should be included is that of FaZe Clan’s Swagg and Booya. While they are both incredible Warzone players, Aydan argues that they regularly get knocked out early in regular 2v2 tournaments.


Some names on the list are a guarantee for most fans picking out their best duos, but everyone will have opinions over one or two teams in there.

Do you think there are any duos that deserve to be on this list, or even a team that should be taken out? Let us know by tweeting us at @DexertoIntel!