Warzone M.O.A.B Battle Pass bundle: Cosmetics, price, everything we know

M.O.A.B bundleActivision

The Call of Duty: Warzone store has been updated with the latest cosmetics, but many players have been drawn towards the M.O.A.B Battle Pass bundle. Here’s everything we know about the “Mother of all bundles” and when you can purchase it. 

The M.O.A.B Battle Pass bundle appeared on the Call of Duty store and while it didn’t offer any major details, we do know how much it will cost. Unlike the other bundles, there were no icons or preview options available. However, this hasn’t stopped many Call of Duty players from speculating what’s in the M.O.A.B bundle. 

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Despite being listed on the store page, the bundle is not currently available for purchase – instead, all we know is that it’s “coming soon.” Whether the M.O.A.B bundle will release alongside Warzone and Cold War’s Season 4 update remains to be seen, but it could be one to look out for.

What is the Call of Duty M.O.A.B Battle Pass bundle?

While we don’t have any official details on what is featured in the M.O.A.B Battle Pass bundle (Mother of all Bundles), many players have speculated that it will include previously released cosmetics. 

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This means those that have missed any bundles from previous Modern Warfare seasons could purchase all of them via the new M.O.A.B Battle Pass Bundle. This certainly seems likely, especially considering how Modern Warfare’s Season 1-6 bundles have been replaced by the new Cold War cosmetics.

How much will the Call of Duty M.O.A.B Battle Pass bundle cost?

M.O.A.B bundleActivision
This bundle will require a lot of COD Points.

The M.O.A.B bundle will cost a whopping 10,000 CP, which will set players back a total of $99/£84.99. This is obviously the most pricey bundle on the Call of Duty store, so it certainly seems likely that this “Mother of all Bundles” would have to include some serious cosmetics to make it worth the money. 

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Will the Call of Duty M.O.A.B ever come out?

Activision haven’t given a release date for the M.O.A.B bundle, just that it’s “coming soon.” However, COD Tracker recently found information that suggests the M.O.A.B bundle is a previously unreleased bundle from 2019, so it might never come out.

Of course, Activision could still end up changing the contents of this bundle and releasing it at a later date. We’ll update this piece if we hear any further news, so be sure to check back here for any updates.

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