Bizarre Warzone glitch gives players the hottest iron sights possible

Warzone fire skin operatorTreyarch/Activision

A strange Warzone glitch involving a canister is setting players’ iron sights on fire, giving them an “incendiary” optic.

While Raven Software has made adjustments to improve the gameplay experience in Warzone Pacific with RICOCHET and Caldera, frequent in-game glitches are still a massive issue for players.

Although the majority of these bugs can completely ruin players’ matches, there are a few that can occasionally be considered positive, even if they do make it harder to eliminate opponents.

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One of which is the newly discovered “incendiary” optic bug, that replaces a players’ iron sight with a roaring flame.

Warzone flame gun bugTreyarch/Activision
Warzone has garnered a reputation for its bugs and glitches.

Warzone bug gives players an “incendiary” optic

While competing in a standard Warzone match on Caldera, Reddit user davedavewowdave attempted to light a canister while taking gunfire from an opponent.

This encounter resulted in them being sent to the Gulag which they managed to win, allowing davedavewowdave to drop back onto Caldera.

However, after picking up a new weapon soon after landing, they soon realized that their iron sight was covered by a flame, the same animation shown when lighting a canister.

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Although the glitch made it almost impossible to accurately shoot any opponents, there’s no denying that the flame effect looks incredible on the gun.

After posting the clip to Reddit, users quickly dubbed the bug the “incendiary” optic and even expressed how it would be the type of feature added with a new blueprint.

Attempting to replicate this would be extremely difficult as the glitch occurred due to a player being shot while lighting a canister.

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As a result, it’s unlikely the devs are going to make this a priority fix, especially with issues like the demon gun bug still plaguing Warzone and Vanguard matches.

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