Warzone hackers can now fly around Caldera in Big Bertha trucks

Warzone armored truck w people on itActivision

Warzone players have been left confused and frustrated as new cheats appear to give the BR’s armored ‘big bertha’ trucks the ability to fly – despite RICOCHET anti-cheat being in full effect. 

While the two years since Warzone’s launch cannot be considered anything other than a resounding success for Activision, they have been somewhat marred by the game’s issues with cheating and the publisher’s inability to ever really get a handle on the situation.

Many fans were enthused when RICOCHET was announced and implemented – Warzone’s very own custom-made anti-cheat system. Since it’s addition back in December, there have been marked signs of improvement, but also frustratingly resilient hacks that continue to evade the software.

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RICOCHET has dropped, but cheats have gone away in their entirety.

Recent reports from players show cheaters with no name (making reporting them more difficult) and, rather bizarrely, flying in big bertha trucks.

The giant armored trucks have long been difficult to counter in Warzone, but encountering them flying makes them even more egregious and makes transport for hackers so simple.

One Redditor captured the enemy using said hacks, but managed to kill them after they got caught on a warehouse entrance.

Blowing up the Bertha the hacker is using appears to be the best counter, but we recognize this is easier said than done when they are hundreds of meters above unsuspecting players.

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Another, who had presumably died to the cheating players, captured their perspective as they flew around Caldera and gunned unaware enemies from the clouds.

We’ve seen some incredibly annoying cheats across Warzone’s history, but this make just take the cake as the most obnoxious.

Naturally, many players were drawn to demanding an immediate patch from Raven, even if it included temporarily disabling the vehicles altogether.