Bugged Warzone contract trick lets you level weapons “insanely fast”

Bugged Warzone contract trick lets you level weapons "insanely fast"Activision

If you’re looking for the fastest way to level up your Warzone weapons then you’re in the right place. Thanks to a bugged contract trick, players are able to rank up guns extremely quick. 

Since Warzone’s transition to the Pacific, the community has provided many tricks to help raise your K/D, create the best loadouts, and more.

However, this latest trick is allowing players to use a contract bug to gain extensive amounts of XP from just doing one in a match.

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IceManIsaac reveals Warzone contract bug for insane XP

In a YouTube video, Warzone content creator IceManIsaac with a little help from Twitter user ‘iamthedugas’ breaks down this XP exploit.

In order to make this work, you need to find and complete a Top Secret Contract. This includes a bounty, recon, supply, or most wanted contract. You need to complete a couple during a single match and get your bonus to 100%.

Once you get to that milestone all contracts completed are reportedly rewarding players with at least 2,500 XP, enough for a full level.

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warzone supply drop contractActivision
Warzone players are noticing that contracts are giving out extra XP.

However, IceManIsaac was made aware that when completing a bounty, three out of four times it was bugged. This resulted in no experience points being rewarded. But, there were some runs where the player would get over 3,500 for a regular supply run.

In even better news for players, this can be combined with double XP tokens to earn at an even faster rate. This can help get Vanguard guns to level 70 in a breeze.

While there is a bit of inconsistency when it comes to these contracts, one thing is certain, they are broken and handing out free XP to Warzone players.

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