Annoying Warzone bug makes blueprints useless for completing challenges


To unlock new weapons in Warzone players are faced with challenges to complete throughout multiple matches. These challenges can be quite difficult at the best of times, but this frustrating blueprint bug makes them literally impossible.

Warzone challenges require players to complete certain tasks to unlock new weapons that are introduced to the game. These range from getting a certain number of kills in a single game or just to get double kills.

Blueprints serve multiple purposes in Warzone. One allows players to unlock a weapon prior to being a high enough level and get preset attachments. Another lets players use a unique camo and design on the weapon at hand. When players unlock a weapon they can edit the attachments on the blueprint version of weapon for their loadout.

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However, as cool as these blueprints can be there’s a bug that might make you want to turn away from using these in Warzone.

Cold War Warzone ots 9 smgActivision
Players discovered a bug preventing them from progressing on challenges to unlock the OTS-9.

Blueprints don’t progress challenges

This Warzone player was a bit confused and very frustrated when trying to unlock the new SMG OTS-9. To unlock the weapon players need get two or more kills rapidly in 15 different matches and this player seemed to be making no progress.

In this reddit post by mehmet24564 the player claimed they needed one more double kill or better to unlock the weapon and in this clip you can see that the player gets that double kill.

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The player was not happy to finish the game and see his challenge was still stuck on 14 out of 15 completed. It turns out, this is because weapon blueprints are bugged, causing challenge progress to not count toward unlocking the weapon.

In the clip the player was using the Flower Power blueprint for the Milano 821 which was preventing the player from having their double kill count toward unlocking the gun.

Another player was having similar issues and responded with a lot of frustration wondering why they have to do challenges to unlock a free weapon.

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The challenges aren’t too difficult but, for a casual player, getting these done could take more than just the 15 that are required to unlock the gun.

It is unclear if the dev team is aware of this issue causing blueprints to halt progression but the best advice, for now, is to use the regular weapon when going for challenges to unlock new weapons.

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