Viral Warzone TikTok reveals Ghost perk is completely broken right now

Warzone Ghost bugInstagram: jessiejadecooks / Activision

A viral TikTok from Warzone streamer Jessie Cooks has caught the attention of many popular players as the “broken” Ghost perk cost her a run during a recent Twitch Rivals event.

Warzone has obviously had its fair share of issues in recent months. From an abundance of hackers to game-breaking bugs, it’s all led to a recent ‘war’ as many of the most popular figures jump ship to different games.

Now joining the growing list of issues is a critical bug tied to the Ghost perk. On paper, Ghost is supposed to hide your icon on the minimap. When an enemy team calls in a UAV, you should remain hidden if Ghost is part of your loadout.

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That wasn’t the case for Jessie Cooks during her run in the latest $75K Twitch Rivals Warzone event; in a TikTok clip that has since gone viral, the streamer showcased how Ghost is “broken” in Warzone Season 4.

“We died to HusKerrs, JoeWo, and Mutex in Twitch Rivals [because] Ghost doesn’t work,” she shared on July 28. In the clip, their Trio can be seen equipping loadouts with Ghost in the vital perk 2 slot. Moments later, they were suddenly tracked down by the opposing team.

While they thought their positions were masked, HusKerrs and his allies knew where they were all along. Evidently, the Ghost perk didn’t work as intended. In fact, without serving its sole purpose, the entire perk was rendered useless.

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As part of a $75K tournament, every lobby was vital in the custom format. However, the Ghost bug ultimately led to their downfall in that particular match. 

Gaining traction across social media, even Warzone expert JGOD took note, claiming that the bug “makes no sense.”

After looking through all player POVs in an effort to examine the bug, JGOD came to the conclusion that the format may have played a role. “Likely a private match bug,” he explained.

Further testing is underway to determine whether the bug extends to public lobbies as well. But for now, you might want to swap out Ghost for another perk to ensure you’re actually getting some benefits with your loadout.

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