An Unexpected Team Dominates the May 27th EU CWL 2K Tournament – Final Standings

Ross Deason

For the first time since December of 2017, a French Call of Duty: WWII team has won a CWL 2K Tournament as against All authority toppled all competition.

After a two month break, May 27th marked the return of the popular CWL 2K Tournaments. There is currently everything to play for as the top amateur teams aim to gain as many Pro Points as possible in an attempt to qualify for the Last Chance Qualifiers (for the World Championship) for their respective regions.

In Europe there are a number of teams that are competing for those spots via the National Circuits, CWL Anaheim, and 2K tournaments, including the likes of Thomas ‘Tommey’ Trewren’s Vitality and Brandon ‘Vortex’ Gomes’ Supremacy.

However, it was aAa (against All authority) who blew through all opposition on their way to claiming 2,000 Pro Points per player and winning the tournament, dropping just one map in their last five matches (against Giants in the round of 16).

The current aAa roster has been together since May 10th when Tommy ‘Eazy’ Besse and Paul ‘Breszy’ Breszynski joined the team and Lucas ‘rizK’ Derambure only became a fully active member in April after the talented youngster finally turned 18.

Their performance in the 2K goes to show that they have a roster that cannot be underestimated and it backs up their current form in the French National Circuit where they hold the number one spot with a 6-1 record.

Deleo ‘Zerg’ Devitt and Nick ‘Nolson’ Nolson’s Team 3G came in second place after defeating Vitality in the semifinals and Maxime ‘mAxxie’ Ebran’s B3LA Family Gaming rounded out the top four.

Supremacy had a disappointing showing as they failed to make it past the 9th – 16th spot along with the likes of Vodafone Giants, Team Heretics, and Mark ‘MarkyB’ Bryceland’s pickup team with Shane ‘ShAnE’ McKerral and co.

The top 32 results for Sunday, May 27th’s EU CWL 2K can be found below.

May 27th EU CWL 2K Tournament

– Final Standings

Rank Team Roster Winnings + Pro Points
1 aAa Gaming ZeeK, Eazy, Breszy, Rizk $ 1,250 + 2,000PP
2 Team 3G Niall, Nolson, Zerg, Creza $ 500 + 1200PP
3/4 B3LA Family mAxxie, Stikers, YuuzL, Atlas 800PP
3/4 Team Vitality Wailers, Tommey, Peatie, QwikeR 800PP
5/8 MonaNordic Gabi, Natshay, Bidz, Keza 600PP
5/8 Team ZoSoviet ZoSoviet, Wozzah, Kiwi, Hiiicksy 600PP
5/8 Brash Esports Benji, Denz, Dreaal, Nevo 600PP
5/8 Team Cookie Cookie, Piero, Sharko, TPiece 600PP
9/16 Team LouiCM LouiCM, Dylan, JamboR, Subsist 400PP
9/16 Movistar Riders Puunisher, Insight, Sammy, Pelukaa 400PP
9/16 Team TheJDS TheJDS, Carbines, Jacko, Monk 400PP
9/16 Supremacy Vortex, Veziok, TonyJs, Dynasty 400PP
9/16 Team Heretics Lucky, Methodz, Jurnii, Sukry 400PP
9/16 Team Malls Malls, Zayrox, ZylewR, Teloo 400PP
9/16 Team Shane Shane, MarkyB, Dominate, Verdict 400PP
9/16 Vodafone Giants Braaain, Lgend, Yako, TojoR 400PP
17/32 Team Nerd Nerd, Kivi, Panic, Ryan 200pp
17/32 Team HayJay HayJay, Dingbat, Daanjc, Calv 200pp
17/32 Golden Hawks Onerakos, Buka, Glaaix, Dead 200pp
17/32 CrypTiK Gaming Copley, Disarray, LewTee, Traudeey 200pp
17/32 Team Agea Agea, Absy, Quaaza, Superpollo 200pp
17/32 Nordic Cammy, Chain, Enduraaa, Weeman 200pp
17/32 x6tence GameR, envdiaN, Oneyy, Pabloskis 200pp
17/32 KIYF Machete, Helliox, FrezR, Jklamp 200pp
17/32 multination Pacobey, Addiction, Vinok, Wartex 200pp
17/32 T3H eSports Shukz, Revolt, Enomuz, EeroomhsoJ 200pp
17/32 Black Claw Terremoto, Tirpeeh, Weeryl, Leiva 200pp
17/32 Team Forge Black Donciccio, MLDRG, Reeliix, Ultras 200pp
17/32 Team Savy Savy, Bisoo, Diste, Trekk 200pp
17/32 Team Zemmel Zemmel, Jostee, Jambo, Pappii 200pp
17/32 Team Legacy Legacy, Primee, Stelios, Phantom 200pp
17/32 Team Logic Logic, George, RiRi, Ryan 200pp

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