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Accuracy breaks down his iconic clutch against OpTic at CDL Stage 2 Major

Published: 24/Apr/2021 12:21

by Jacob Hale


At the Call of Duty League Stage 2 Major, Lamar ‘Accuracy’ Abedi got a clutch 1v3 to eliminate OpTic Chicago that will be spoken about for years. But how exactly did it happen, and what was going through his head at the time?

When we talk about the biggest clutches in CoD, there’s few that have caused as much of a stir as Accuracy’s 1v3 in that game 5, round 11 situation.

With three of OpTic’s star-studded roster literally lined up for him to take down, Accuracy probably couldn’t believe what he was seeing when he turned the corner and found them in perfect formation for him to mow down.


Now, he’s spoken about the clutch, explaining how exactly it happened and how he pulled it out the bag.

With the game coming right down to the wire, all Minnesota needed was to play to their strengths and force OpTic to make the wrong plays. That didn’t quite work out, and Accuracy ended up in a corner on Moscow, needing to make the 1v3 — or risk elimination.

Describing how Dillon ‘Attach’ Price made the call to flank and hit escalators, the plan was for him to take out at least one from there while Accuracy maintained his position, poised to jump out at the right time and effectively pinch the OpTic players from both sides.


“I was like, hopefully I chall right now and kill all three of them,” he told Dexerto. “If I don’t go right now while they’re weak, and I let them regen, I’m probably not clutching this, it’s basically over.”

Of course, Attach’s push didn’t work out as planned, but getting two players weak made the clutch just that little bit easier.

While most teams would crumble in that situation and be overly cautious or simply await the loss, Accuracy made the veteran play and it worked out perfectly.

Needless to say, people will be talking about this one for years to come.