6-year-old Twitch star RowdyRogan banned from Warzone live on stream

RowdyRogan in FaZe Clan jersey next to Call of Duty Warzone gameplayTwitter: RowdyRogan / Activision

RowdyRogan made a name for himself in the Call of Duty community earlier in 2020 for skills beyond his years, but in a recent viral prank that took the internet by storm, Rogan managed to convince his many supporters that he had been banned on Warzone — all as part of his FaZe5 entry to join FaZe Clan.

Update: Shortly after the #FreeRogan hashtag started trending, with many calling for Activision and Call of Duty to let Rogan back on Call of Duty, the 6-year-old and his team have revealed that the entire thing was actually faked in order to go viral as part of his plans to join FaZe Clan. You can read the full story of how he pranked the CoD community here.

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Original story follows…

RowdyRogan has taken Twitch and the Call of Duty scene by storm in 2020. With his dad by his side, the enigmatic youngster has won hearts across the world with his great gameplay, coupled in with the cuteness of being one of Twitch’s youngest stars.

However, his Warzone stream on December 9 was cut short after Rogan booted up the game to a message. The message stated his account was permanently suspended.

Both Rogan and his dad were heartbroken over the sudden decision.

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“No way. You can’t be for real right now,” his dad said on stream. “We’re going to get it back. We’ll get it back. It’s gotta be a mistake.”

While there wasn’t a ban reason given, there is a very likely answer: Rogan is too young.

Activision’s Terms of Use state that all users of their products must be “aged 13 or older.” All players must accept these terms before playing. This includes Warzone, the title Rogan is known for.

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Twitch’s Terms of Service also follow similar age restrictions. “The Twitch Services are not available to persons under the age of 13,” their guidelines state, though RowdyRogan has not yet been banned on Twitch.

There’s been an outpouring of support on social media for the youngster. A push to get the hashtag #FreeRogan trending on Twitter has been started, with other stars like Swagg chiming in.

“Wait wtf why,” the FaZe member said in reply to a tweet from Rogan’s father.

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RowdyRogan has over 118,000 subscribers on YouTube and 84,000 followers on Twitch. We will update you with more information as it arises.

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